Wednesday 12 Jan 2011


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GIL designs Bejing's newest Mariott hotel

Directly in front of the entrance to GIL's latest hotel project, the Beijing Marriott City Wall, lies the remnants of the city's ancient perimeter, dating back to Ming times. The designer took a new approach to lobby space - equipping the high-ceilinged area with a variety of seating arrangements for groups of different sizes with their own priorities; from luxurious single loungers to a 'community table' - all custom made. The result is a very active lobby lounge by day and by night. It is tailored to feel like a living room at one's home.

The interior design schemes subtly allude to 'neo Chinese' referencing, not least in the lobby chairs which follow the high-backed form of the traditional Chinese lacquered chair but render it in mother-of-pearl, white rather than the typical red or black. The Chinese screen was given a twist throughout the hotel. A crackled-ice lattice-work motif across the ceiling of the 'Provincia' bar/restaurant energized the entire space. The whole flooring is illuminated onyx showcasing an intense and exotic atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere. The special artwork and design in the carpet in the Chinese Restaurant echo each other with branches of Chinese plum blossoms.

Level 3 is dedicated to recreation and houses the simple, contemporary Health Club in overall blond wood and ceiling. It boosts to be a warm and daring spot for a perfect work-out. The design is appealing to guests who have either health or relaxation on their agenda after a tiring journey.