Tuesday 11 Jan 2011


Parisian Luxury

Nestled within the Place du Trocadéro, directly across from the Eiffel Tower, La Réserve Paris is a place where comfort meets elegance, with high design results and an array of five-star services.

True to its name, La Réserve's 25 short- and longterm apartments shy away from outright opulence, preferring refined affluence to the cutting edge. La Réserve Paris prides itself on soft lighting and a subdued monochromatic aesthetic – the hotel’s most striking elements are smart lines and feng shui. Interior architect Rémi Tessier is partial to noble materials such as rosewood, ebony, sycamore, stone and slate, and much of La Réserve’s sleek furniture utilises natural colour palettes with contrasting shades of black and ecru. Tessier, who has collected accolades for his work designing luxury yachts, seems to have an iron grip on functional design, using space elegantly and efficiently in suites that could, because of their exceptional equilibrium, be compared to the extravagant watercrafts sailing the Mediterranean.

Furnishings are sublimely modernist and feature designs by Andrée Putman, Flos and Vitra. With the exception of the sumptuous four-poster beds and the high double windows, everything is symmetrically aligned, from the plush Flexform chairs to the twin marble sinks in the bathrooms. Nowhere will one come across a sofa or a nightstand without a mate, or a decorative accessory that is in the least bit jarring. Here, the emphasis is on privacy, and many of the multilevel apartments boast private office, dining and landscaped garden areas. La Réserve Paris offers guests the opportunity to contentedly explore classical beauty as interpreted by modern designers in the City of Lights.