Tuesday 11 Jan 2011


Rubik, restaurant bar

Nested on the upper level of a shopping plaza, Rubik was conceived as a young but elegant eating-place. The brief was to develop an experience that built upon Merida's new wave of high quality gourmet restaurants, and to attract clientele and make them feel comfortable.

The space is outfitted with dark painted walls, carpet and porcelain floors and aluminium compound elements. The project maximized the environment by using the full width of the area and placing the bar as a focal point at the end corner concealing the service corridor and pulling the view to the back of the restaurant.

Muted shades of white and orange are used to color the dining area, while the bar is brighter in tone. The metal feature counter on which the drinks are prepared serves as an oasis to its thirsty customers. Cocktail tables behind the bar seating stand on dark, single legs. Chairs, however, are on colored patterned upholstery. Diners can enjoy subtly different venues on every visit. A central dining area; more intimate clients may prefer lounge seating located aside the main entrance.

The most popular seats in the place are those on the front; a terraza-like area where you can drink or dine, either in a booth, table or standing alone with an unobstructed view to the city where smoking is permitted.

Arquitectos Interiores, S.C.P.