Thursday 23 Dec 2010


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Zeidler designs a different kind of hospital

The design for the Assuta project successfully merges patient expectations with the hospital’s objectives by integrating the site, culture and medical systems. The design integrates a new model of care into the hospital, providing a standard of treatment and services previously unknown in Israel, attracting clients and the best staff. The creation of a spacious and calming environment, connected to the adjacent park while still addressing the street side address was achieved by a U-shaped atrium. This atrium forms the key public space of the hospital, guiding visitors and staff from the street side or 'city' entrance back towards the park. It forms the main circulation spine of the building both horizontally and vertically where light streams into the building from the atrium penetrating the buildings’ interior. The clean lines and neutral colours of the atrium palette along with the extensive use of glass contribute to the calming atmosphere. Providing individual registration areas for each of the services on separate floors allow for the creation of small, intimate waiting rooms adjacent to the atrium. Views to the park from these interior spaces provide consistent orientation points throughout the building.

A non-denominational contemplation space, for praying, and meditation is provided at a central location hovering both over the park and atrium. This space is accessed from a bridge that crosses the main circulation stair into the calming space of the cube. The building’s colour palette, transparency and views to the park emphasis a hospital that is designed for the health and wellness of patients and visitors.

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