Monday 20 Dec 2010


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Eau Spa, inspired by earth, water, fire and ice, invites guests on a journey of the senses.

Designed as a garden paradise, Eau Spa invites guests to engage in a journey of the senses. Inspired by an earth, water, fire and ice concept, the design combines contemporary Baroque elements with the serenity of the outdoors to create an environment of delight. At the heart of the spa is an open-air garden accented with water features, fragrant plantings, and enclaves for guests to seek respite. A palette of earthy copper, bronze and plum tones define the reception, retail and central rotunda. The rotunda features a large copper basin and a domed copper leaf ceiling. Floor-to-ceiling windows cast abundant natural light to the interiors while providing views to the courtyard.

The villas evoke the ice concept with a white-on-white palette grounded by dark wenge wood flooring. White-on-white damask wall coverings and damask-patterned tiles provide neutral surfaces for programmable color-changing LED accent light displays. The full-service hair and nail salon, including a barber station, completes the pampering spa experience as a high-energy space with deep red, fuchsia and golden tones representing fire. Working within the small confines of the existing 3,900-SM space, the design team paid particular attention to circulation and layout to ensure that spa-goers can move through the facility’s public and private areas with the appropriate levels of intimacy and privacy while simultaneously feeling free to wander and explore. Eau Spa features 19 treatment rooms, locker rooms and saunas, steam facilities, communal bath space, a full-service hair and nail salon, and a fitness center. The luxury aesthetic and functional design are achieved through the use of high-performing materials including porcelain tile and scrubbable paint finishes, damask patterned carpet tiles and washable lush slipcovers, as well as richly patterned Crypton leathers.