360 MALL
Monday 20 Dec 2010


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360 MALL Merges Retail, Art and Technology.

360 MALL combines 130,000 square-meters of upscale shopping, office and entertainment to create the largest and most dynamic retail destination in Kuwait. Merging retail, art and technology, the interior design is a modern interpretation of traditional Middle Eastern form, colour and pattern, rendered in materials that herald a timeless landmark. The circular design of the mall is configured as a journey that celebrates Kuwait’s cultural ties to the Arabic art of navigation. Inside, visitors progress through a main entry and into the Techno Hub, a four-story immersive sensory experience featuring a series of floor-to-ceiling suspended LED canvases that display merchandise offerings and entertainment. The journey unfolds in two opposing retail concourses, 'Day Journey' and 'Night Journey'. Each concourse culminates in a court that responds to the day and night theme.

The Star Court features a Dale Chihuly glass sculpture rendered in blue tones with celestial-inspired patterns symbolizing phases of the moon and the night sky. The second court, the Sun Court, is bathed in natural light and hues of orange, red and gold, and also displays a Chihuly sculpture. One of the centre’s most distinct spaces is the Solar Garden which features wall gardens containing 21,000 plants surrounded by reflecting pools and café seating. Lined with full-length windows, the Solar Garden forms a major entry space screened by giant, translucent bronze panels with circular planet patterns. The journey culminates in the Atrium, the signature space of the mall that is characterized by a three-story-high grand hall that connects the Sun and Star Courts. The Atrium provides a of place respite in which visitors can relax and enjoy views of the mall. The Central Street, a multi-level retail space designed to resemble Arabic architecture and traditional souks, connects the Atrium with the Techno Hub.