Net-A-Porter London HQ
Wednesday 15 Dec 2010


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New Headquarters for Net-A-Porter at Westfield is winter wonderland

As the world's leading luxury fashion 'e-tailer' and currently one of the fastest growing companies in the UK, Net-A-Porter's London headquarters has been created as a progressive working environment, which forms a hybrid between office, photographic studios, retail and event space, that is flexible enough to accommodate the constant evolvement of the company structure.

Designed as a 'working wonderland' that exploits the ‘non-standard’ nature of the location (without the use of standard office elements) it is a 3D embodiment of the Net-A-Porter brand. To achieve this, we used smooth vaulted fabric ceilings together with a more intricate moulded detail in certain areas, bespoke contemporary lighting rafts, elegant Murano glass chandeliers, soaring oversized panelled doors, sculpted bespoke furniture and a mixture of matt and high gloss finishes that scoop out dimension in an otherwise flat, monochromatic palette together with a carefully chosen, eclectic collection of budget conscious furniture, very simple carpet spec and painted finishes.

Structurally, two new mezzanine floors were created, each with it’s own bold statement staircase to offer a more interesting circulation around the space, whilst a floating glass meeting room hovers at the entrance to the main hall, offering fantastic panoramic views across the working landscape and a vast wooden sculpture of steps sets the context for the ‘theatre’ area at the heart of the space.

Other key ‘settings’ include a panelled buyers’ suite, a collection of informal and formal meeting spaces, a series of both diner style and circular booths and a library area. The mix of classical / minimal, traditional / contemporary, whether in the form of sliced moulding details or oversized panelling and door proportions is always apparent and reminds you that you are at the heart of a new technology driven cycle that is today’s world of fashion.