Wednesday 15 Dec 2010


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A digital landscape for Agenda 21

HLM Interiors recently completed a new office design for Agenda 21, a digital media company based in Soho London. The concept design for the scheme was informed by a mixture of elements. Firstly to work with the existing offices finishes; oak flooring and exposed services. Secondly; Agenda 21 carry out detailed forensic analysis as a major part of their work focusing on digital media. HLM Interiors worked with these ideas and a built a concept around a ‘digital landscape’ theme incorporating facetted angular elements and finishes within the scheme.

Working with the industrial element of the brief feature lighting within the meeting rooms takes the form of large steel arms with tension wires holding angle poised lights over the meeting room tables. Other key features of the design are hand made tiles which build on the industrial theme along with ‘Boulder’ pendant fittings over the main presentation table. The angular theme is apparent in the acoustic panelling, manifestation and in the acoustic ‘Cloud’ encompassing the server. Colour within the space comes from bright feature walls within the meeting rooms, colour banding around the workstation areas; acoustic desk dividers and the ‘cloud’. The office is split into three main areas; workstations, presentation and meeting rooms with emphasis on staff interaction.

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