Monday 29 Nov 2010


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DPWT creates an 'under water' feeling with their design of multiplex cinema

The concept of the cinema is to create a sensation of being beyond daily life, just like the main reason for people to watch movies is to escape their daily patterns and experiences.

It is a visualisation of the experience of swimming in water. Utilizing a large blue palette, it is a complete contrast to the usual use of dazzling and overwhelming hues in cinema halls. The regular rhythm of water is formed by repetition and variation to create a diverse natural form of continuity and reflect different spatial interface. Translucent film membrane with water patterns is then installed on the walls to accentuate the effect of being immersed in the ocean.

Hidden ceiling LED lighting creates the feeling of a starry night, overlooking a night time city scape, which is used throughout the design.

DPWT Design Ltd.