Monday 15 Nov 2010


Hector Ruiz-Velázquez's Unlimited Space

In the attic of emblematic building of 20th century Madrid, this new concept of living space has been designed by architect Hector Ruiz-Valazquez.

"The conquest of the square meter has become one of the major concerns of our times. The unaffordable prices and the shortage of living areas in the city have called for a redefinition of the spaces we live in.
In this attic of only 60m2 inside and 50m2 of terrace/patio in the centre of Madrid, we tried to use every centimeter of space available, combining efficiency, spirit and sensibility by means of aesthetics and function.
If we had had to fit in all the functions in an insufficient surrounding, the space would have collapsed, occupied by all the useless things, and would thus have given view to the bare dimensions of the hardly hidden functions. In this way we have used basic theatre tricks like forced perspectives in order to achieve much wider spatial perceptions.

A dynamic axis that emerges from the entrance leaves static spaces on both sides of the three-dimensional sinuous diagonal. This entrance or hallway seems to defy gravity and logic and thus changes unexpectedly the perception of space according to the user and his movement trough them. Thus it creates a completely fluent and dynamic space in a static surrounding".

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