Friday 08 Oct 2010


Spring/Summer 2010 PRADA Woman

OMA's sumptuous design for the Spring/Summer 2010 PRADA Woman Catwalk sees the audience split along two sides of an abstract wall display, punctuated at regular intervals by seven doorways which allow spectators to peer from one side to the other. During the show, the models walk in front of this dividing wall and make their turn through the final doorway, alternately appearing and disappearing behind its surface.

The two spaces either side of the wall both mirror and oppose one another in their arrangement; the plexi-glass checkerboard floor to one side is replicated yet magnified on the opposing side of the divide, both composed of black metal sheeting and plain concrete from the original flooring.

The wall regenerates its identity through a sequence of twelve projections of imaginary corridors. The actual doors of the wall are transformed into doors of mental spaces that combine grand hotels' rich and classic door frames, acid neon lights, trash and abandoned atmospheres, or bright images of crowded beaches. The result is a sequence of indefinable locations that follow one another along the show, framing the models in constantly changing backgrounds.

As the show develops, spectators experience the various layers of the setup: foreground models, wall projections, and background models - three layers of content which overlap and generate the full narrative of the show.