Tuesday 14 Sep 2010


Coffinier Kudesign’s task was to create a modern oasis in the middle of Soho that incorporates traditional design elements in a contemporary setting. “Our clients purchased a 4300 square foot art gallery with 14 foot ceilings. They are a young couple and had some wonderful dreams about the space. One of the couple grew up in Europe and wanted to incorporate some of a grand flavour of Europe in this home. Our client dreamed of being able to play basketball in his own home and always loved treehouses as a child”.

Coffinier designed every inch of space in this apartment. Etienne is a trained architect from France and knew instinctively how to work the space. The project was extremely exciting to work on because it was truly a blank slate. As it was an art gallery, there were predominantly large open spaces with walls to display paintings and space for sculpture. “It was a great challenge to design a space for this couple. With the exception of the cast iron columns, no element of the original space remains. All elements were designed and manufactured for the project including all millwork, doors, mouldings, etc. We also designed most of the furniture for this project”.

The heart of the apartment is the Gallery, a gracious and generous space punctuated by the metal columns, and custom-designed 9 foot double doors. The Gallery leads you from the Foyer to the public areas, while also protecting the private living spaces and features “Silence” artwork by Jack Pierson. The artwork is composed of hundreds of small tags. The antique bench purchased in Paris and re-upholstered. “Our client found this bench at the flea market and it fits perfectly in the space that we had allocated”.

The crystal and acrylic chandeliers were from Studio Edward VanVliet in Amsterdam. “We saw an image of these in a hotel in Europe and contacted the studio/designer. We worked with them to custom colour the interior box of the chandelier for the amber tones to bring warmth to this space. They’re a nice modern take on a traditional crystal chandelier”. In the Living Room the Sofas were designed by Etienne Coffinier and manufactured by Upholstery Unlimited. One end of the sofa is almost as big as a double bed and is perfect for a couple curling up together and watching a movie. The Chaises by Nancy Corzine with custom arms designed by Etienne Coffinier. “We loved the shape of these chaises, but felt that each needed a wooden arm. Nancy Corzine did a great job making these arms that we designed.

The Dining Room table is a single slab of mahogany that is over 10 feet long from Tucker Robbins. Dining Chairs. Etienne Coffinier designed the dining chairs and they were made by Munrod Interiors. The rich dark brown fabric is from Cowtan & Tout. The chandelier is the Glitterbox from Swarovski and was imported from London…before Moss started selling it and we could have bought it in the neighbourhood!

The kitchen has doors to both the dining room and the living room. The doors are sliding but are the same double doors as in the rest of the apartment. “We designed this little banquette for an easy place to eat in the kitchen. The fabric is from Osborne & Little and Munroe Interiors manufactured the banquette.

Coffinier Ku Design