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Monday 26 Jul 2010


The Arion Resort & Spa which was inaugurated on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the Astir Palace Hotel, is located at an altitude of -1 compared to the entrance of the main body of the hotel and enjoys the spectacular sea views of the peninsula Vouliagmeni.

The Spa, with two entrances, covers an area of 1300 sq m divided into three different areas: swimming pool, gym, beauty-treatments. From the reception begins a visual and sensory path aimed to total well-being, accompanied by a stream made of black river pebbles that becomes underground water, slipping under the Burmese teak of the floor. A path of golden hues and soft lighting guides the guests and create an enclosed and protected space, aimed to catalyse the emotions.

The access to different environments is direct so no constraint is placed on the freedom to enjoy total relaxation carefully attended by personnel on several stages. The swimming pool is a covered area that continues seamlessly on a large terrace overlooking the beach and is devised into three areas: one for swimming and two for different types of massage, including those provided by a sunken steel tubular massage bed, designed by A++.

The beauty area is divided into six large treatment rooms. Not mere temporary division of space but real rooms dedicated to body care and all equipped with a central bed (2cm x 0.80 cm) and shower, bathed in soft light that is controlled by special tents and a custom control system. This area is the prelude to the water area, full of Oriental influences as exemplified in the Turkish bath: from the vault, beams of blue and white lights that refract on the gold and black mosaic coating of walls and floors. The light, even if technological or induced, is among the elements that A++ studied more carefully. Architecture and interior design are formed by direct contact with light, especially natural, generating material composition and perspective that characterises all projects of the studio in Milan.

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