Open dialogue with contemporary art
Tuesday 20 Jul 2010


On Via Melzot, a street hidden behind the circle of bastions of Milan is positioned a new art gallery, where it is thought that no one will stumble upon without a very specific reason. This corner houses the new gallery of art dealer Alexander Zodo, which some consider to be one of the most innovative in Milan. It is not to expositions but to as the space itself, or rather the innovative concept of 'space' that the former Art Deco cafe is designed to express. To convert the premises of the club and build a new gallery of contemporary art that will be dedicated mainly to accommodate artists of contemporary issues, A++ architects wanted to give life - through the project - to an idea of an art gallery entirely new and far from tradition.

An exhibition that should not be mere background of the works of art, as much as possible 'invisible' but an active space, able to talk and to merge with art works in a single artistic experience. A++ explain of the design: “From the vaulted ceiling appear glass cubes, perched on iron columns as geometric nests in a quasi organic ambience made up of lines and transparencies, reversed in the functions where the ceiling becomes the place to look and stay and the floor, mere neutral path, where the artist's message is no longer confined within the narrow confines of the work but blends with the surrounding space, enveloping the viewer.”

A++ srl

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