Monumental Chair



The Monumental Chair, designed by Eray Carbajo, is an elegantly comfortable seating experience inspired by the crystalline elements in nature. Its unique polygonal form creates great comfort while presenting a visual feast for both indoor and outdoor use, whether in a lobby, living room or garden. With 

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Cone Light



Cone Light, the new collection of LED lamps by Werner Aisslinger for B.lux The German designer Werner Aisslinger is the man behind the Cone Light collection of suspension and wall lamps manufactured by the company B.lux. The shapes of these new decorative lamps were inspired by the classic foldable craft 

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The Contrast Collection



The current body of work by Scott Carter Wilson aims to create a contemporary language that communicates between the piece and the viewer. Wilson tries to investigate the boundaries and find the balance between sculpture and function within the form. He enjoys playing around with audience's preconceived 

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Recently launched at Decorex, the Elements collection of hand knotted rugs has been over two years in the designing and making. Hand made in Nepal, each rug is translated into wool and silk from Tania’s own photographs of light, shadows and reflections.  The six new designs in the 

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Radial Collection



Radial Vases Concrete + metal Radial is divided in two materials, a heavy base in concrete and a light top in metal. To take advantage of the properties of each material, the flower bases have two separate pieces to make the handling easier. Three different sized vases in which the metal piece can be 

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Bordbord is a small independent design studio  located in Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded in 2014 by Camilla Ödmo. Bordbord's goal is to remain independent and retain small scale. It gives freedom to evolve in different directions and make interesting collaborations. Side table 

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Tom Raffield Collection 2016



With an experimental workshop set among 6 acres of ancient woodland in Cornwall, England, Tom Raffield’s lighting and furniture designs are synonymous with nature; each product is hand-shaped using sustainable wood and created as sculptural pieces of art using a pioneering form of steam-bending. 

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Moth Chair



Moth is the founding member of the Nordic Tales’ After Eight collection. A collection of furniture dedicated to those of you who shine after the sun has set.  The charismatic expression is the result of a left and right brain design process. The chair has been cleaved in the middle, leaving 

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Rising Balance



the Rising Balance candleholder The Rising Balance candleholder inspires the dynamic between two great elements: earth and fire. While your tea light burns and becomes lighter, the circular stone follows the movement downwards. While in transition, the two elements remain in constant 

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No.19 was designed in 2016 by Studio Pascal Howe for ACME SUPPLiES. The side table is composed of various geometrical shapes. The designer Pascal Howe's creation is more a form which has function, than function which has shape. No.19 does not immediately reveal its function. There is no front, no back, no 

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Indefinite Collection



The project is an exploration of the relationship between geometric and organic forms - transparent and opaque. Indefinite melting materia interacts with definite angular forms and gravity determines the relationship in between. Indefinite Vases are sculptures or containers. Functional or 

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Designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, Parentesit is an acoustic wall module that reduces extraneous background noise and creates a space for concentration, offering comfort for contemporary shared spaces.The bold, graphic forms are available in three shapes - a circle, a square or an oval - that can be 

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Step + Spiral



The STEP + SPIRAL collection by Justin Donnelly invites you to elevate your plant game with indoor/outdoor planters in a wide range of playful colors. The stepped-tower design allows you to cluster your plants together wile ensuring that each plant is receiving an equal amount of sunlight. These modern 

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Lyze Collection



Lightness and Aerial are the words that define the philosophy of the LYZE collection. A light touch and novel shape combinations provide the inspiration for the Lyze collection, by the French designer Florent Coirier. The seemingly simple lines, with a timeless design, are embellished with sophisticated 

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Plank Sofa



Knudsen/Berg/Hindenes & Myhr for dk3 The PLANK SOFA is designed by the Norwegian designers Knudsen/Berg/Hindenes & Myhr and has been developed in collaboration with the world-famous Danish solid floor plank manufacturer Dinesen. The designers were fascinated by the enormous dimensions of the 

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Pikaplant Jar Jar is a plant you never need to water. It lives in an airtight biotope, recycling the water and air it has inside. It waters itself, so you don't need to. Jar was named a 'Must-see product' at Dutch Design Week 2014 by The Creators Project. The product ships with the plant 

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Züco Little Perillo



Little Perillo (Design: Martin Ballendat) Little Perillo, designed by Martin Ballendat, is modelled on its successful big brother, the Perillo lounge chair. Little Perillo by Züco, a brand of the Dauphin HumanDesign Group, is smaller, space saving and ideal for the seat height at a desk, e.g. for 

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The Hedges Sofa



The Hedges Sofa incorporates beautiful polished copper alongside the natural aesthetic of white ash and fabric, creating a real statement piece. Partly inspired by Robin Day's ‘Forum Sofa' the ‘Hedges Sofa' goes one step further, cosily wrapping the frame around the sofas front to hold the 

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