Lean Lamp



LEAN, from the acclaimed Swedish architectural partnership Claesson Koivisto Rune, is a steadfast lamp full of character. Expressed in three well-considered components, it walks a fine balance between being both minimalistic and playful.  This great personality offers the room an intriguing and 

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Dragon Fly Table



Limited to only 8 pieces, the Dragon Fly table was designed by Jongeriuslab and exhibited at Galerie Kreo in Paris at the "O.K." exhibition. O.K. here stands for the Bostonian interpretation of the famous 19th century abbreviation "Oll Korrect". The exhibition presented completely new pieces conceived 

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East River Chair



East River Chair Developed by Vitra in SwitzerlandDesign: Hella Jongerius, 2014 A project for the United Nations inspired Dutch designer Hella Jongerius to create a new lounge chair: the East River Chair, which features a handle on the back of the seat for easy relocation and comes in a number of vibrant 

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Plinto Series



Designed by Andrea Parisio for Meridiani. A series of dining tables called Plinto is at the core of Meridiani Editions’ second collection. Plinto, characterized by pure lines and an ‘architectural’ design, is an invitation towards interior design freedom, a container of endless 

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RA Collection



Design by Alexandre Joncas RA lighting series by D'Armes Luminiares consists of 2 pieces of hand-bent glass tube, brass and powder-coated aluminium : the RA Suspension and RA Wall.Lighting: Cold cathode neon. Launched in the Spring of 2016 in a former costume workshop located at the heart of the 

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Reel Side Tables



The Reel Side Tables by David Derksen Design are a contemporary translation of traditional wooden cable reels both in formal aesthetics as in the construction. The tabletops, bases and columns come each in three different materials or colours, making it possible to make numerous combinations. The parts 

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Element by Tokujin Yoshioka Design for Desalto  Magically suspended between earth and sky, Element goes beyond the mere function to take a prominent place as a sculpture in an environment. A project that is particularly complex from the engineering perspective, in which all Desalto's skill and 

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Reaktor Table



The form of the REAKTOR table reflects 3 directions, 3 dimensions. It reacts to its surroundings by the open form of an airy top. Inspired by the game table ... A jewel of craftsmanship and modern design. The oak solid wood top is designed with care for a detail with use of high technology and handmade 

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T1 Concrete Pendant



The triangulated pendant lamp [T1] is cast from a light grey concrete. It combines noble gold with rough concrete into a timeless and elegant designer lamp. The high quality gilding of the insides emits a pleasant warm light. With an edge length of 15 x 15 x 15 cm, the lamp is suitable both, individually 

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Cages collections by Arnaud Lapierre Design Studio A series of simple black oak boxes covered by a graphic and dense brass lines, A contrasting effect giving the whole precious object identity. Like a delicate outside skeleton which will protect half-hidden items inside. Dimensions : small: Ø 

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Berg Side Tables



Berg is a nest of tables designed by North Limited that can both be used outdoors as well as indoors. The user is completely free to choose where and how they use the product. Nature's strength and versatility are among the design inspiration for the Berg side tables. Made of steel, concrete and 

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Bookshelf A1



From concept to development Vrokka always seek to unify local craftsmanship with low-tech machinery to achieve a pure and honest design. The Bookshelf A1 is built in an external wooden skeleton that holds the solid oak shelves. This distribution of the elements allows infinite combinations of woods, 

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The Wes Collection



The Wes lounge was named after its soft yet striking appearance, paying homage in name to film director Wes Anderson. The Wes range represents a design exploration into merging traditional upholstery techniques with minimal design. Over a year in development the Wes range highlights the skill and 

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Pivot Collection



Gentner Design - Pivot LED series With its articulated arm and adjustable head, this brass or steel lamp, is not only multidimensional, but it is an ever changing line drawing that nestles into a room. Reminiscent of industrial piping, the warmth of the refined material makes for an elegant lamp that 

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Luna Collection



Light is matter and symbol The inspiring element is the moon A single light source, which emanates intense and bright rays: Luna is the focal point of In-es.artdesign's lighting collection. The Luna design contains varied nuances and sensations. The Nebulite, material that has been developed 

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BLOCK Collection



Block: opposites attract Opposite shapes attracting one another, complementary colors getting along with flamboyant spontaneity and curved lines fitting in parallelepiped objects: this is the essence of the new Block collection by MUT Design for the Spanish brand Missana. With Block sofas and armchairs, 

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Odyssée Collection



Showcasing over 20 different mosaic patterns, available in nearly 100 natural stones, 16 colours of Venetian glass and various metal inlay options, the Odyssée Collection is by far the most intricate collection Mosaïque Surface has created so far. This collection can be found in over 225 

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Lacuna ‘an empty space or void' is both the name given and concept behind the collection. Lacuna is a voluminous hollow of mouth blown glass illuminated from above by a chip on board type LED. A single molded form becomes stand, shade, insulator and reflector to a paired down electric 

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