The lines of the DS-315 are hallmarked by a subtle interplay of concave and convex surfaces. The architectonic composition is mirrored in the outer skin, which is made up of a number of different pieces: the four-element base is married perfectly to the upper armrest section, which opens up invitingly 

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BEYOND is a collaborative design and production studio led by Karolina Tylka (product designer) and Szymon Nawój (interior architect).The studio is dedicated to research material, technology and space relations 

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Workshop Chair



Designed by original Berliner Jerszy Seymour the Workshop chair is a particularly sturdy chair considering its limited use of materials; a few batons of wood, some polycapralactone wax and a lot of imagination. The workshop chair is a great example of economically accessible yet aesthetically 

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DUB stairs



It is obvious at first sight: DUB is a staircase. Upon closer look you discover something else. These steps seem really high but actually consists of two steps in one. Eight white blocks, sixteen grey steps. It makes DUBboth a staircase and an abstract sculpture, expressive in shape and modest in colour. 

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Preparing to make its introduction at this year's 100% Design show in London, Michael Thomas' Elter range of tables a British manufactured, hand-finished statement that British design can hold its own against its ‘sexier' continental neighbours. The table's abrupt changes in perspective create 

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Toronto-based Urbanproduct is currently working with local manufacturers in developing the tile in a number of materials. Wooden and ceramic production batches are expected this year, whilst concrete tiles are currently available. Natural pigments and soya based finish compliment cutting edge technology 

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Still Sofa



Each part of the Molteni & C Still furniture range is designed to function independently, as well as part of a coherent set. 

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Nomos Desking System



The Nomos Desking System is designed for almost unlimited change. Governed by the unchanging needs of the human body, seated or standing, it has metal legs, angled from a central spine, as if poised for flight. 

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PLC Chair



A range of chairs available in either solid oak or in beech with a matt painted finish. The ply seat and back rest can be upholstered and a powder coated metal arm is also available. For projects, a wide range of colour combinations for both the chair and arms is possible and upholstery is available in a 

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PLC installation



Modus Furniture will celebrate the London Design Festival with an installation of PearsonLloyd's ‘PLC' chair. This eye-catching display will feature up to 36 one-off colours exclusively produced for the event. Each design will subsequently be auctioned through sealed offers online. For further 

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Featured in the 2010 I.D. Annual Design Review, "Bacterioptica" is MADLAB's latest design for a truly dynamic dining room chandelier. It is designed to synchronize with the life of a very unique New Jersey household, comprised of two parents, three children, a dog, and one hell of an extended family: 

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Wing sofa bed



Design by Per Weiss, Andreas Lund & Flemming Højfeldt. Wing is a unique, airy design from the Danish design company Innovation. The sofa has clean-cut steel or chrome legs and a back rest with three optional positions: Sofa, relax and bed. Moreover the side ‘wings' of the seat can be 

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The knitting clock project was designed to measure and register time in a three dimensional form to visualise the otherwise visible time factor, which connects us all. The project can best be described as a merge of a knitting machine and a cuckoo clock. The knitting of a mesh marks every passing of a 

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PaperBoy make wallpaper for boys' bedrooms that feels crafted, that's good quality, that's thoughtful and has personality. That even has a sense of humour. PaperBoy was conceived when two six year old boys, Rory and Archie, outgrew their nursery-style room and needed a place that they (and their mum, 

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Re-loved: Panton chair



Bosse, director of innovative architectural firm LAVA, is one of several designers commissioned by the Powerhouse to use a pre-loved chair to tell a story about a piece of furniture they love. He chose a design classic that relates to current design and manufacturing techniques. The gravity defying 

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Dyson Air Multiplier



The blades on conventional electric fans literally chop the air, which means the airflow is uneven, causing unpleasant buffeting. The Dyson Air MultiplierTM fan has no blades. Instead it uses Air MultiplierTM technology to amplify air 15 times, expelling 405 litres of cool, smooth and uninterrupted air 

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Studio & Partner's Blacklight is characterised by a fluid and clear-cut design. It is an internal suspended system for direct and indirect light that was developed to furnish offices and modern workplaces. The single-piece no-joint aluminium body was reduced so that the thickness measures just 50mm. 

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Ora-ïto chair



Presented exclusively for 100% Design London – 23rd-26th September – iconoclastic designer Ora-ïto has produced an architectural form that attempts to marry elements of art and function. The sculptural piece responds to the proportions of a seated woman, employing the use of flowing lines 

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