Prime Collection



PRIME design by Norm Architects for Inbani Design. The inspiration for the pieces comes from antique metal bathtubs and sinks, with the typical rolled edge. An contemporary design interpretation in a contemporary material, but with the soft poetic appeal from the antique tubs. The soft shape of 

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AYA Collection



Although life only seems to speed up, and mass production has become the rule instead of the exception, some people start to realise that there is another way. With a great concern for nature, for ethnic groups and their traditions, and for true craftsmanship, young Belgian designer Sep Verboom tries to 

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Designed by Merve Kahraman. In Greek mythology, Iris is the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods.  Inspired by this rainbow, it is a combination of layers and intentions. This minimal and elegant geometrical shaped chair can fit to any environment thanks to its 

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The HD Chair



The HD Chair - Designed by John Tree for VG&P Prompted by the current trend of flexible, shared, and collaborative work spaces, VG&P identified a gap in the market for a flexible chair that can provide comfort during extended periods of work, without the complexity of adjustment associated with 

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Barrel Pendant



Ben & Aja Blanc produce limited edition furniture, lighting, and objects handcrafted in the U.S.A. Based in Providence, RI the studio is committed to creating objects using the finest materials and produced in collaboration with distinguished artisans and makers. Rooted in the tension between 

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The Siren chair has a refreshing and colourful design by designer, Jacob Nitz. Designed for Bogaerts label,  the Siren chair is produced with high quality materials like fabrics from Gabriel which are suited for high-end project use. The framework is made out of steel and is finished with a strong 

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Satori Collection



The Satori Collection from Calico Wallpaper features a striking metallic line that is inspired by Kintsugi-the traditional art of Japanese pottery repair. Using lacquer mixed with powdered gold, silver or platinum to create flowing metallic lines, the Kintsugi practice turns a crack or break into a detail 

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Easy Chair



‘Easy Chair' by British Designer, Alex Hull, embodies his studios ethos that explores the relationship between traditional craftsmanship, modern technology and organic design. The ‘Easy Chair' by Gallery FUMI is developed from the initial design sketch into a series of tailored 3D models. 

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Pool Chair



Pool Chair by YOIN Design & Crafts  'When I swam at the swimming pool and climbed up from the pool, I grabbed a pool ladder that gave me a feeling which was very comfortable. I was also fascinated by the gentle lines of the ladder. This scene inspired me to design the pool chair with gentle 

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Starting Point Mirror



The Starting Point Mirror is minimalist in form and luxurious in form and function. It starts with a single piece of steel. The metal is laser cut and then formed to create both a cradle for the mirror to rest in as well as to give a convenient shelf for the onlooker. The gray tinted mirror is hand cut 

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Aplomb Large



The new Aplomb Large suspension lamp reinvigorates Foscarini's Aplomb collection with a defining new shape in concrete form. The wide, flattened top resembles the galactic silhouette of a UFO, and is fitted with an LED light source that casts a wide beam of light onto the surface underneath. Aplomb is 

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Lean Lamp



LEAN, from the acclaimed Swedish architectural partnership Claesson Koivisto Rune, is a steadfast lamp full of character. Expressed in three well-considered components, it walks a fine balance between being both minimalistic and playful.  This great personality offers the room an intriguing and 

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Dragon Fly Table



Limited to only 8 pieces, the Dragon Fly table was designed by Jongeriuslab and exhibited at Galerie Kreo in Paris at the "O.K." exhibition. O.K. here stands for the Bostonian interpretation of the famous 19th century abbreviation "Oll Korrect". The exhibition presented completely new pieces conceived 

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East River Chair



East River Chair Developed by Vitra in SwitzerlandDesign: Hella Jongerius, 2014 A project for the United Nations inspired Dutch designer Hella Jongerius to create a new lounge chair: the East River Chair, which features a handle on the back of the seat for easy relocation and comes in a number of vibrant 

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Plinto Series



Designed by Andrea Parisio for Meridiani. A series of dining tables called Plinto is at the core of Meridiani Editions’ second collection. Plinto, characterized by pure lines and an ‘architectural’ design, is an invitation towards interior design freedom, a container of endless 

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RA Collection



Design by Alexandre Joncas RA lighting series by D'Armes Luminiares consists of 2 pieces of hand-bent glass tube, brass and powder-coated aluminium : the RA Suspension and RA Wall.Lighting: Cold cathode neon. Launched in the Spring of 2016 in a former costume workshop located at the heart of the 

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Reel Side Tables



The Reel Side Tables by David Derksen Design are a contemporary translation of traditional wooden cable reels both in formal aesthetics as in the construction. The tabletops, bases and columns come each in three different materials or colours, making it possible to make numerous combinations. The parts 

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Element by Tokujin Yoshioka Design for Desalto  Magically suspended between earth and sky, Element goes beyond the mere function to take a prominent place as a sculpture in an environment. A project that is particularly complex from the engineering perspective, in which all Desalto's skill and 

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