JUNIT LIGHTING The Junit light is a modular pendant lamp that consists of eight different elements. The units are turned from high-quality ash wood and painted in a german workshop, not far from Schneid's studio. The elements of the Junit series come in a natural, clear finish and each in different 

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Menuet by Nistal. Menuet is a collection of lamps inspired by the former traditional dance of the baroque French music of the XVIIth and XVIIIth century called Menuet.  It has its masculine and feminine version. Menuet Homme is the masculine part of the dance of lights representing the most 

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Håll by Beau Birkett. Håll is a collection of furniture that pushes the structural properties of thermoformed PET felt. PET Felt is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, preventing a major source of waste material from going to landfill or polluting the oceans. Inspired by the Cradle 

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With an ambition to show the world how a circular economy can manifest itself at scale, Form Us With Love has in collaboration with IKEA created KUNGSBACKA, the first kitchen fronts line, entirely made from recycled plastic bottles and reclaimed industrial wood. With twenty five plastic bottles used 


S 1090



S 1090 range designed by Randolf Schott for Thonet. Thonet sets the table for imm cologne and presents its new S 1090 range  Design: Thonet Design Team: Randolf Schott, 2017   Conviviality and functionality – the new dining table models S 1091 and S 1092 (with an additional leg 

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Wall Box



Wall Box designed by Ludvig Storm for Please Wait To Be Seated. The idea behind Wall BOX was to design a modular shelf system, which could easily change its visual image. The back plate of the box is removable as it is attached with magnets. This makes it possible to choose and mix colours 

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Unity by AYTM. Strong visual effects are created when the mix of materials, colours and shapes come together in perfect harmony. The Unity trays seem to have found that harmony perfectly. The graphic lines and look have become iconic to AYTM. For autumn, new colours have been added, so the playful 

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Aia Poufs



Aia poufs designed by Nadia Arratibel for Ondarreta. Aia poufs make sitting down an art, always new and different. They work on their own as a comfortable triangle or in a group of 6 forming a circle.  Have fun, enjoy and mix and match, being able to function on their own or as a group makes 

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Sucabaruca Coffee Set



Sucabaruca coffee set designed by Luca Nichetto and Lera Moiseeva for Mjölk. The collaboration between Luca Nichetto, Lera Moiseeva and the Mjölk gallery started after Luca Nichetto visited Toronto. On the suggestion of a friend, Luca Nichetto met with John Baker and Juli Daoust, owners of 

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The Hex Marble Tray



Hex Marble Tray by Rove Concepts. The Hex Marble Tray is a simple, timeless design elegantly crafted from a single piece of Italian marble. Natural veining is apparent from the original stone offering an exceptionally striking quality to each piece. True veining will provide the distinction between 

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Circus is a pouf that has an exclusive, Scandinavian feel, created by the Danish designer, Simon Legald. The pouf is rounded in shape, with the clean, graphic lines characteristic of Scandinavian design. The versatile Circus pouf allows contradictions to meet in a design whose style is strict and 

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Paris Loft Kitchen



Paris Loft Kitchen by Abimis. A surface area spanning 170 square metres, a concept balancing between past and present, a spectacular view of the entire 10th arrondissement in Paris and the spirit of a redeveloped industrial archaeological context. The interior design project designed by Festen 

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ZAKKIA is the Sydney based homewares label where Swedish heritage meets natural handmade design. ZAKKIA design collections that celebrate the natural beauty of raw materials through simple forms that highlight the handmade process. All of their products are handmade in collaboration with small artisan 

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Betty Stacking Chair



Betty Stacking Chair by Bend Goods Meet Betty, a bohemian chic stacking chair for every occasion; Betty will give you all the design you want without sacrificing any of the space. Use four around your dining room table, while keeping two stacked in your hall closet. She’s that peace of mind 

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Peg Shelf



Designer Nikki Kreis, known for reinventing the humble pegboard into stylish must-have wall storage, is launching a new range of contemporary plywood Peg-Shelves at the Top Drawer Exhibition in January 2017. Talking to fans of her pegboard range, Nikki realised there are many places where small, 

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The Patioset, designed by Dutch designer Bertjan Pot, offers an extraordinary and functional usage of any (outer) space. The furniture made of Accoya ® wood is durable, easy to maintain, has a high quality in design and a luxurious appearance. With great pleasure Weltevree presents the Patioset of 

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Alba Collection



Alba Collection by Joe Doucet for Nude. ‘Alba’ is Gaelic for Scotland, the collection pays tribute to the spiritual home of whisky. The elegant glasses are punctuated by a hand-engraved and cleverly deconstructed Tar-tan pattern. Each glass is heavy-bottomed, and each carefully tapers 

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Unison ceramics by Schneid. The Unison set is a ceramic tableware collection with seven different pieces. It consists of a coffee pot, big and small plate, soup bowl, sugar bowl, cup and a universal fitting lid. The ceramic is dyed with pigments and available in five special colours, all mixed by 

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