BUG Collection



BUG COLLECTION by Rui Pereira was part of the exhibition 'Another perspective' curated by Cotto. Bug collection aims to create a deeper connection between the bathroom area and the rest of the house by revisiting furniture typologies. The designer wanted to use a natural material that could co-exist 

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A piece of light



A piece of light by Caroline Brahme. A project about winter depression resulting in a portable, tactile, enjoyable light therapy lamp.  Four out of ten Swedes are more tired than normal during the winter. Winter depression can range from slight dullness to very severe depression. The most common 

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Solis Mirror



Solis Mirror by Simon Johns. Part blackened ash, brass plated steel and part glass, the Solis Mirror references the horizon, the rising sun, and your reflection amidst it all. A circle of brass plating stands an inch behind the oblong mirror as if hovering behind. The mirror’s glass ends abruptly 

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Flavor Paper & UM Project present ‘Conduct’  Flavor Paper founder Jon Sherman discovered a water-based conductive ink two years ago and decided to make a wallpaper that achieved what no other wallpaper had before. In order to make the wallpaper effectively demonstrate its ability 

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Ultraframe. A new collection by UM Project.  Ultraframe is an exercise in structure, texture and material at the intersection of function and fiction. Rigorous and geometric frames are completed by soft or rounded covers, shells or inserts. The result is both familiar and otherworldly, yielding a 

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Trinetic Task Chair



Trinetic is the world’s first fully certified task chair to provide dynamic support without the need for manual user adjustment. Providing ergonomic excellence and an unrivalled level of comfort, it can be specified across a broad array of settings in the workplace. From a collaborative work chair 

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May Collection



May is a new collection of Iris Ceramica wall coverings inspired by the raw trend: simplicity and naturalness, for a vintage style in which the marks made during working processes and the wear of time are elevated to a decorative level, as distinguishing features. A palette of 11 colours, Mediterranean 

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The inspiration for the inMOOV lamp comes from the movements in nature such as flowers opening or jellyfish swimming. Studio Lieven wanted to transfer this fascinating movement into a living space. For the body of the lamp, inspired by the Invertible Cube of Paul Schatz, they invented the Invertible Disc 

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Walker Lamp



Danish designer Søren Rose was commissioned to design the Walker Lamp for The Silo - a former grain tower converted into apartments and public space in Copenhagen. The development is the centrepiece of an urban revitalisation scheme transforming the Nordhavnen waterfront district of the city. Each 

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Corda Lamp



The Corda Lamp by Guilherme Wentz was designed from its energy cord that comes from the ceiling. The fine metal structure around the glass sphere, gives a fluid aesthetics to the object which makes it look like cord and structure are a single piece. The sphere is made of mouth-blown glass and has a 

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Nordic Space Collection



Initially designed for Chicago based brand CB2 so-called Drommen Bed quickly became a bestseller in United States and was finally introduced in fall 2016 for European mattress sizes handcrafted in Germany as part of the designer's new Nordic Space Furniture Collection. Available for all standard mattress 

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Marble Collection



Marble Effect Vinyl Flooring by Atrafloor Get the Marble look at home with the luxury vinyl flooring designs that make a beautiful and practical alternative to the real thing. Choose from effortlessly natural, faux-look Marble effect vinyl flooring such as our timeless white cracked marble design Elgin, 

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Untouched beaches, vast rice fields, stunning stone cliffs and mystic rivers: HOIAN and HANOI rugs by My Friend Paco are an homage to the breathtaking Vietnamese natural landscapes. In three different designs that match together, each HOIAN and HANOI rug aim to provide you a rich sensorial experience 





Privacy, transparency and daylight quality - what ALED Privacy-Plus offersAustrian technology company LightGlass convinced with its patented technology ALED Privacy-Plus, the new generation for self-illuminating glass with increased visual protection. Architectural glass with integrated ALED technology 

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When Nistal began the process of designing this new collection, they focused on creating a lamp with a recognizable shape. The geometric shapes and the selected material remind us with nostalgia of the old glass containers that were used to transport milk. The structure is formed by a white glass screen 

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Compound was designed with the mixture and blending of various different structures to create a newer design. It also gives the user the luxury of combining it with the compound side table creating a bigger and more innovative furniture. Apiwat Chitapanya wanted to create a simplistic coffee table with 

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Spritz by Yuval Tzur Design Studio Spritz (also known as Stucco) is a technique of applying plaster mixture for homes and buildings, both interior and exterior. The Spritz is an acrylic, water based material made of cement and glue. We apply it by spraying the layer on the walls that gives it a rough 3d 

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Unearthed Collection



Inspiration: Sevak Zargarian's current Unearthed Interiors collection is a range of interior products and accessories handmade in his garden studio. So called because of the act of sanding the surface ‘unearths' the random pattern created through the process of casting. The inspiration was a pure 

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