MIMA Collection



A new, British designer-maker John Eadon, will be launching his first new furniture collection, MIMA, at London Design Fair 21–24 September 2017. The ‘Spindle Furniture’ designed for the MIMA collection takes inspiration from the lightweight structure of Windsor chairs, creating an open 

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Bollo chair designed by Andreas Engesvik for Fogia. Bollo was initiated as a typical Scandinavian lounge chair with slim features and modest use of materials. The final result is a chair driven by comfort, both visually and in use. Bollo has a strong character inspired by its heightened level of 

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Håll by Beau Birkett. Håll is a collection of furniture that pushes the structural properties of thermoformed PET felt. PET Felt is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, preventing a major source of waste material from going to landfill or polluting the oceans. Inspired by the Cradle 

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The Patioset, designed by Dutch designer Bertjan Pot, offers an extraordinary and functional usage of any (outer) space. The furniture made of Accoya ® wood is durable, easy to maintain, has a high quality in design and a luxurious appearance. With great pleasure Weltevree presents the Patioset of 

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AYA Collection



Although life only seems to speed up, and mass production has become the rule instead of the exception, some people start to realise that there is another way. With a great concern for nature, for ethnic groups and their traditions, and for true craftsmanship, young Belgian designer Sep Verboom tries to 

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Flat Cabinets



Designed by Michiel Martens for Baars & Bloemhoff Lex Pott, Studio Mieke Meijer, De Intuïtiefabriek, Visser & Meijwaard, OS ? OOS and Michiel Martens were the designers approached by Baars & Bloemhoff for their project ‘Transitions'. For this exposition they were challenged to 

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Designed by Lex Pott for Baars & Bloemhoff Lex Pott, Studio Mieke Meijer, De Intuïtiefabriek, Visser & Meijwaard, OS ? OOS and Michiel Martens were the designers approached by Baars & Bloemhoff for their project ‘Transitions’. For this exposition they were challenged to 

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Waterscape by Misawa Design Institute Underneath the surface of water is a unique environment that exudes an energy which is completely opposite from that which is surrounded by air. The inner space of this fish tank is created by combining two simple elements of container and water, with an 

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Sylva Daybed



Scandinavian minimalism and calm, luxurious texture come together in this six-legged modern daybed. The white-oak base is comprised of a rounded-edge frame and distinctively handshaped legs, which taper on two sides. The plush cushion features centered tufting and elegant seaming. The fabric is COM and 

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Officina Collection



Forging, the process used to shape iron, pressing it between the hammer and anvil, has a history that stretches back over millennia. Throughout the ages, this technique has been used to create an infinite number of everyday objects and decorative artefacts. The Officina collection of tables explores 

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The Nest Collection



The Nest collection is as unrestrained as most work from Swedish design studio Form Us With Love, presenting a reversed silhouette—a club chair on a slim structure. The Nest collection demonstrates an exceptional capacity from Danish design company +Halle, manifested in chairs and sofas turned into 

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Leaf by Haberdashery is a bone china hanging sculpture, inspired by the autumnal season of London's great parks; it creates a striking blend of reflected light and shadow to enhance any space it hangs within.Each delicate leaf is slip-cast moulded in Stoke on Trent and then hand finished in a variety of 

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ROLL Collection



Verena Hennig is an award winning art director and designer from Germany, driven by the love of material, performance and minimalism. Hennig studied Graphic Design/Visual Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, as well as directing at the London Film Academy. In 2012 Hennig founded her own 

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Vanilla Noir Collection



Scarlet Splendour is a brand new furniture and lighting brand based in India and featuring designs by Italian designer Matteo Cibic. This is the first time the brand has showcased at Milan Design Week and one of the ranges they will be featuring is the ‘Vanilla Noir’ collection.This furniture 

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Posa Project



Although it may seem as if falconry is the stuff of legend, an almost ancient practice, the Posa Project sought to reinvent the perches utilised, modernising them and in the process created a contemporary, elegant and functional piece of sculpture.The Italian designer Massimo Faion revisits the classic 

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57.157 is a large-scale light installation designed by Omer Arbel and produced by Vancouver design and manufacturing company, Bocci. Comprised of 157 individual glass pieces, this bespoke installation reflects the abundant natural light in the Canada House stairway – giving visitors a more poignant 

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Mobília Tomada



Brazilian visual artist Rodrigo Bueno is known for rescuing natural materials and using them within his work. Founder of studio Mata Adentro, which translates as an invitation to the ‘Jungle Inside', Bueno calls attention to the organic medium of wood due to an abundance of waste wood and fallen 

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A central London office plays backdrop to the world's first and largest suspended digital timepiece, which displays the time in London, New York and Sydney via 40 LED-driven large-scale letters hung from the atrium's impressive 30m ceiling. The innovative art installation, entitled Timeless, has been 

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