The evolution of an iconic project: Pio Manzù´s original idea of creating a "light source that can slide vertically from floor to ceiling and rotate 360 degrees on its axis" was adapted by Achille Castiglioni after his friend´s early death in 1969. A beautiful illustration reveals the 

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Tint is a lighting with many facets. The light passes through different colour spaces, which can tone the light slightly. The colour spaces or slats can be adjusted like a fan, offering diverse light settings. Atmospheric light, different insights and a playful handling give the lighting a character of an 

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The Arbor Series celebrates the beauty of high quality materials in a product and only using the necessary components. You can observe the Arbor planter and easily understand how it’s made. It's an honest object. The Arbor Planter and Pendant was mostly designed using CAD. This makes it easy for 

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The ''Anima'' lamp is inspired by Miami Art Deco architecture. ''Anima'' is a reflection upon/on the aura and emotional influence of the objects..  It is a sort of modern fetish, a benevolent object with which we develop a silent fascination. This first version plays with two contrasting wood 

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The Circuit series plays on concepts of rhythm and layering to the studio’s existing collection. “I think what is so interesting about our two new collections of lighting is how opposed they are in inspiration,“ says Creative Director Gabriel Hendifar. “The CIRCUIT series feels 

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Petite Collection



Secto Design is proud to present the brand new Petite collection at ICFF. The Petites add a smaller sized alternative to the Secto Design lighting range. The members of the Petite family are pendant, table and wall lights. Both the wall and table lights are adjustable as their shades turn gently pointing 

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Mirror Mobiles



Mirror mobiles are composed of simple geometric lines. Made of double sided acrylic-mirror and brass sticks, assembled in hand with beeswax treated flax string. The mobiles provides a subtle play of light, and an understated appearance. With the particular composition, of reflective materials, they 

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Type 75™



Continuing a successful and longstanding relationship, Anglepoise® and Margaret Howell are delighted to announce the September launch of two additional exclusive colours for the Type 75™ Anglepoise® desk lamp. The new colours chosen for the collection - Saxon Blue and Seagrass - complement 

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The new terracotta A-Beam light by Tom Housden for Hand & Eye Studio is an extruded ceramic beam that houses the very latest in LED lighting technology. A combination of craft and precision engineering come together in this unique suspended lighting. The result is a product that adds the warmth and 

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Clara Lux



Clara Lux launch January 2016 Aimee Betts and Sarah Colson have combined design expertise to create Clara Lux. A collection of pendant lights with colourful textured cables that bring modern style and elegance to interior spaces.  In their first collaboration together Betts and Colson have designed 

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The Cloud is an interactive lamp and speaker system. It is designed to mimic a thundercloud in both appearance and entertainment. Using motion sensors, the cloud detects a user's presence and creates a unique lightning and thunder show dictated by their movement. The system features a powerful speaker 

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Dashed Light



The Dashed Lights are studiously developed by Dutch designer Léon de Lange for the Vij5 collection. The lamps are designed to be laser cut from a thin stainless steel plate and folded afterwards by hand into a three dimensional shape using the ‘dashed line’ (a dotted line which is 

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One of Darø’s most popular designs is Bell+ which has been designed by Thomas Holst Madsen. The bell shaped lamp shade and the way in which it can be moved contribute to the association of a ringing bell. The ingenious design has been noticed throughout the world and has been awarded two 

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Winner of the Northern Lighting Student Design Award in 2015, the eye-catching Buddy lamp by Mads Sætter-Lassen was selected from among 130 entries. A student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Sætter-Lassen describes Buddy as ‘the little helper everyone 

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Based on the Moiré Jewelry, this series of wall lamps is a celebration of the intriguing moiré effect. By rotating the back layer, the pattern interferes with the pattern in front. Rings, squares or hexagons seem to appear and to move, making this into an almost hypnotic effect. These lamps 

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Fade Studio, a San Francisco based company, began shipping their innovative Fade Task Light in December of 2015. The studio aims to marry honest industrial design with the latest in LED lighting technology and then ship products directly to the consumer.  Fade Studios is led by award winning 

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Metalarte presents Stones, a new family of lumi-naires created from a material with stone-like qual-ities and manufactured by moulding. It is a hybrid between the architectural concrete and artificial stone, technically sophisticated but produced by hand. It gives elegance to interior decoration and is 

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Anglepoise Studio



Initially exclusive to UK customers at Anglepoise.com, Studio is where you will find a greatly enhanced colour offer for some of the best-loved Anglepoise® designs. Venture into the Anglepoise® Studio today and be spoilt for choice. First off the mark is the brand new Original 1227™ Mini 

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