Glop Range



Berta Julià Sala is a designer based in Barcelona. Berta studied Product Design at Elisava Design and Engineering School in Barcelona and also at L'École de Design Nantes Athlantique.The ‘Glop’ range is the result of extensive conceptual research on the materials utilised for 

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Lava Range



Peca is an independent design studio based in Guadalajara, Mexico. The designers at Peca focus on creating products that are carefully crafted and manufactured and feature hidden details to continuously surprise and delight their customers. Caterina Moretti, architect and designer for Peca, states that 

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Tafla Mirror



Steel TAFLA mirrors by Zieta Prozessdesign made with FiDU technology that are as unique as the reflections in them. The new modular collection of mirrors gives another dimension of space and creates a unique story on your wall. The use of an easily manipulative material allowed Zieta to create an entire 

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The Memory Clock



Monom is a product innovation team that aims to breathe new life and create new markets into the world of domestic objects and technology.  Professionals of design, technology, marketing, and business; Monom propose products that have never existed before by combining design with creativity. Jointly 

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Showcase Mirrors



Studio Thier & Van Daalen have created eye-catching showcase cabinets with mirrored glass, your unique objects fit in with the advantage that you can see it from all sides. The fascinating effect of a floating bubble which adapts to its surroundings until it snaps, was the inspiration for this new 

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Blub Uno Clock



Blub Uno is a desk clock designed by duncan Hellmers which can hold its own as an object of function when you need it and beauty when you don't. Funded by a Kickstarter campaign, the Blub features individual glowing numbers, housed in a glass cylinder, and is a striking alternative to the common digital 

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LOK Clock



The LOK collection by Helena Franca is a family of two clocks; a handle clock and a shelf clock. The simple form is made from laser cut plexiglass acrylic sheets but each clock then has an additional detail that adds a functional aspect to the clock. The handle LOK Clock has a hand hold making it easy to 

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Voltasol - Copper



A dynamic flowerpot from the brand livingthings. The Voltasol has a design that enables it to move in accordance to the trajectory of the sun so that the plant can make the most of its light source helping them grow better. The newest edition to the Voltasol range is finished in copper. The flowerpot has 

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Bandas Collection



The new Bandas collection by Gan, Gandiablasco’s indoor brand, is the result of the search for unique items of interior furniture inspired by the genius of Patricia Urquiola and made by hand by craftswomen and men in India. In a small village in India characterised by abandoned shops and a high 

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Sakura Tile Collection



Fireclay Tile produces ceramic and glass tiles, handmade in California since 1986. As a Certified B Corporation, Fireclay Tile meets higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Founded by Chief Ceramicist Paul Burns, it manufactures tiles with regionally 

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Booming Vases



The Booming Vases Collection is the result of a collaboration between Analogia Project and master ceramicist Alessio Sarri. The aim of the design was to experiment with two opposing elements; air and matter, power and fragility.The collection gets its name from the process used to create the striking 

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The Edgy Tile Collection



The Edgy collection for Kaza Concrete consists of two tiles, one being three dimensional, the other two-and-a-half dimensional. The aim behind the collection by Patrycja Domanska and Tania Lightfoot was to provide an alternative to the flat, two dimensional walls in bathrooms and other living quarters. 

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Simple forms combined with natural materials give Ilias Ernst's Clork its unique look and feel. One of the corners is a right angle which stabilises the clock so that it can stand up right on a desk, shelf or bedside table. The Clork comes in either natural or black cork and has a simple design that would 

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Cuckoo Clock Redesign



The cuckoo clock once evoked the simplicity of an idealised rural life in an Alpine setting, but what remains of the Swiss cuckoo clock today? This project of renewing the iconic timepiece was conceived by designer Claudio Colucci, at the invitation of Jean-Pierre Greff, Director of HEAD - Geneva. 

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Pull Handle



Young architect Pereen d'Avoine has developed a simple, affordable and stylish set of pull handles that can be installed without using a single screw or nail. Pereen designed the Russian For Fish Ironmongery range as she could not find quality, well-designed ironmongery at a reasonable price anywhere 

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From the minds of British-Finnish design duo Jo Wilton and Mirka Grohn comes &New. Playing on the contrast between industrial steel and a vivid colour palette from pretty pastels to bold block colours, &New mixes function and style in a way that seems effortless. Tipped by The Architectural 

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The Cartocci Print Collection



Paola Paronetto's family of Paper Clay products never ceases to amaze and she has recently extended the collection dramatically. The Cartocci Print Collection is made from the same materials as previous collections but present a new aesthetic direction through the addition of a variety of textures that 

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Passage is a collection of rugs designed by Jean-François D'Or of Loudordesign Studio, produced and distributed by Belgian rug brand ANGELO. D'Or's design concept relates to a spider on a mirror of water, his feet rising only with the white stripes of light from the sun. This is his 

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