ZAKKIA is the Sydney based homewares label where Swedish heritage meets natural handmade design. ZAKKIA design collections that celebrate the natural beauty of raw materials through simple forms that highlight the handmade process. All of their products are handmade in collaboration with small artisan 

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Alba Collection



Alba Collection by Joe Doucet for Nude. ‘Alba’ is Gaelic for Scotland, the collection pays tribute to the spiritual home of whisky. The elegant glasses are punctuated by a hand-engraved and cleverly deconstructed Tar-tan pattern. Each glass is heavy-bottomed, and each carefully tapers 

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Unison ceramics by Schneid. The Unison set is a ceramic tableware collection with seven different pieces. It consists of a coffee pot, big and small plate, soup bowl, sugar bowl, cup and a universal fitting lid. The ceramic is dyed with pigments and available in five special colours, all mixed by 

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Satori Collection



The Satori Collection from Calico Wallpaper features a striking metallic line that is inspired by Kintsugi-the traditional art of Japanese pottery repair. Using lacquer mixed with powdered gold, silver or platinum to create flowing metallic lines, the Kintsugi practice turns a crack or break into a detail 

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Starting Point Mirror



The Starting Point Mirror is minimalist in form and luxurious in form and function. It starts with a single piece of steel. The metal is laser cut and then formed to create both a cradle for the mirror to rest in as well as to give a convenient shelf for the onlooker. The gray tinted mirror is hand cut 

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Odyssée Collection



Showcasing over 20 different mosaic patterns, available in nearly 100 natural stones, 16 colours of Venetian glass and various metal inlay options, the Odyssée Collection is by far the most intricate collection Mosaïque Surface has created so far. This collection can be found in over 225 

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Ink Desktop Series



Emma Olbers for Skultana Emma Olbers was born and raised in Gothenburg. She moved in her twenties to Stockholm where she was educated first at Nyckelvikens art school and then at Beckmans College of Design. In 1999 she founded her studio and Asplund and Ire furniture became major clients. The Ink 

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The Contrast Collection



The current body of work by Scott Carter Wilson aims to create a contemporary language that communicates between the piece and the viewer. Wilson tries to investigate the boundaries and find the balance between sculpture and function within the form. He enjoys playing around with audience's preconceived 

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Recently launched at Decorex, the Elements collection of hand knotted rugs has been over two years in the designing and making. Hand made in Nepal, each rug is translated into wool and silk from Tania’s own photographs of light, shadows and reflections.  The six new designs in the 

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Radial Collection



Radial Vases Concrete + metal Radial is divided in two materials, a heavy base in concrete and a light top in metal. To take advantage of the properties of each material, the flower bases have two separate pieces to make the handling easier. Three different sized vases in which the metal piece can be 

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Indefinite Collection



The project is an exploration of the relationship between geometric and organic forms - transparent and opaque. Indefinite melting materia interacts with definite angular forms and gravity determines the relationship in between. Indefinite Vases are sculptures or containers. Functional or 

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Step + Spiral



The STEP + SPIRAL collection by Justin Donnelly invites you to elevate your plant game with indoor/outdoor planters in a wide range of playful colors. The stepped-tower design allows you to cluster your plants together wile ensuring that each plant is receiving an equal amount of sunlight. These modern 

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New Perspective



The "New Perspective" mirrors give the impression of an extra perspective in the room, as if they were the gateway to an extra room, to a different world, a surrealist world of fake perspectives... They represent a stylised and cartoon-like perspective of a wooden floor and walls in a very graphic manner 

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Leather Plant Hanger



Kathryn Leah Payne's modern take on a vintage classic, The Leather Plant Hanger, has been a big hit since they were released in October 2014 and she has since added to the range with limited edition Colour Pop and Tassel Plant Hangers providing more colour and variety to this interior design icon. The 

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Arc Collection



Entirely hand painted, this art deco inspired collection celebrates the heritage of hand decorated British bone china. Unlike traditional patterns, Arc is precise, graphic and contemporary. Arc shines a new light on the phenomenal skill Stoke-on-Trent's master decorators. The bold asymmetrical design, in 

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Designer Agnes Fries has created a simple and contrasting range of vases for Normann Copenhagen. They have been beautifully decorated with intense black brush strokes. The vases have been hand-painted which makes each one different and gives them all their own unique personality. The contrast between the 

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FRAMED is not just a mirror, but an Object - which, with its depth of both form and color, lends the wall a sculptural value. The colored glass and volume of the frame, which, seen from the side, has an almost three dimensional effect, highlights the intention that FRAMED is made as much to be seen - as 

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Módulo Jardim



GARDEN MODULEFrom a single module you can create a three-dimensional panel with most varied combinations. Do it your way.Its irregular shape allows flexible compositions according to your taste, purpose and destination: aligned, mixed, spread or contained. Structure.The module is made of steel tubes 

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