Bird tables are commonly timber objects that are undesirable and prone to decay, so as a result are usually discarded. Bird baths on the other hand are generally beautifully crafted objects or sculptures which become focal points in their surroundings. Thee Apple aims to become both functional and 





Ciclotte is an innovative exercise bike, designed and Made in Italy combining idea, form and technology in rethinking the traditional aesthetic and functional values of an exercise bike.Ciclotte has been manufactured using exceptional materials like carbon, steel and glass fibres and represents a 

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The new ''Alessiphone" designed by Stefano Giovannoni. The polycarbonate, cordless phone consists of a handset and base. The central passage illuminates as the phone rings and it comes with a variety of preloaded backgrounds and ring tones 

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Toronto-based Urbanproduct is currently working with local manufacturers in developing the tile in a number of materials. Wooden and ceramic production batches are expected this year, whilst concrete tiles are currently available. Natural pigments and soya based finish compliment cutting edge technology 

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The knitting clock project was designed to measure and register time in a three dimensional form to visualise the otherwise visible time factor, which connects us all. The project can best be described as a merge of a knitting machine and a cuckoo clock. The knitting of a mesh marks every passing of a 

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PaperBoy make wallpaper for boys' bedrooms that feels crafted, that's good quality, that's thoughtful and has personality. That even has a sense of humour. PaperBoy was conceived when two six year old boys, Rory and Archie, outgrew their nursery-style room and needed a place that they (and their mum, 

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Dyson Air Multiplier



The blades on conventional electric fans literally chop the air, which means the airflow is uneven, causing unpleasant buffeting. The Dyson Air MultiplierTM fan has no blades. Instead it uses Air MultiplierTM technology to amplify air 15 times, expelling 405 litres of cool, smooth and uninterrupted air 

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Eclypsya Fireplace



French design company Arkiane were inspired by the nomadic life when creating Eclypsya. An innovative technical concept enables the fireplace to be moved from one place to another to illuminate and heat different rooms…the living room on cold winter evenings, the bedroom on rainy April days, the 

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