Nature Collection



Nature CollectionPapila design studio, which specializes in food, and Bustper, a hotel design project furniture company, are presenting a new collection of drinks cabinets for hotels included in their Nature line. OriginThe drinks cabinet is a key piece of hotel furniture which normally consists of a 

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Mies changes the scale of architecture adding detail within the house; repetition becomes a pattern, a texture. It is based on the simplification of decorative elements to define a timeless, neutral and valid resource for different rooms, and at the same time it is different enough to not go unnoticed. 

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Kick Back



Atocha Design, the New York-based furniture design studio, has launched the Kick Back Cocktail Table to add to their collection of handcrafted, American-made wood furniture. Founded in 2008, Atocha Design originated from a passion for both music and modern design. This latest addition to their collection 

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Designed by Marlieke van Rossum for Avenue Road. Pukka: the word "Pukka" in Hindi means solid, genuine, and exquisite, which is a fitting description of this imposing dining table. A solid French oak surface-a staple of van Rossum's work-is supported by cast bronze. About the designer:Marlieke van 

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Opalina Collection



A dressing table, a writing desk, a mirror, a coat stand, and a stool. The products of the Opalina collection stand out for their joints, rounded volumes, and the muted, matte colours of the glass. For Cristina Celestino the Opalina project is not just formal and aesthetic research but cultural too. With 

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Mornington Collection



Melbourne-based designers Ceci and Aydin Keyvanloo introduced Mornington, a new collection of seating and tables at this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York. Aydin has dual degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Product Design. At a young age Aydin designed and 

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Chiara & Fosco



Chiara and Fosco are available in 3 different sizes, each table top is handcrafted and unique. Materials: table top: cordieriet, ceramics glazes base: steel, powder coated in black, RAL 9005 fine structured mat About the Designer Elisa Strozyk studied "Textile- and Surface-Design" at the KHB in 

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The Band Collection



BAND COLLECTION The new Band range of tables consist of specially selected European marbles which are cut, polished and then lacquered with a protective finish to give a durable and stain-resistant surface. The solid marble is then encased in a warm and elegant metallic rim to give a distinctive, 

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The Pinsofa 1



Walking through the classroom with beautiful sunshine coming through the windows, Planbureau discovered a new beauty in the needles sticking out of the needle pillows. This was the studio's very first impression - this was so inspiring that they should be working with it. Demeter Fogarasi's main 

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Osaka Metal



Designed by Michele Cazzaniga, Simone Mandelli, Antonio Pagliarulo  Osaka is a collection of seatings with a strong graphic impact whose construction elements remind the linear features of an ideogram, due to their pureness and simplicity. Osaka Metal seatings with steel legs and steel rod sled 

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Container Table



Designed by Sebastian Herkner for Pulpo CONTAINER TABLE, The biggest member of the Container family. Created in the manner of Bohemian craftsmanship, a dash of liquid silver is injected into the glass under pressure. The illustrious double-walled result lends a touch of glamour to the side table, 

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Louis, designed by Paolo Cappello for Newblack, is the analogue speaker that allows you to rediscover the sounds of old vinyl records thanks to a true dialogue between objects. The magical atmosphere of times gone by comes to life thanks to the encounter between technology and craftsmanship. Louis is 

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Delta Collection



Delta as a collection result as a coherent body of work that more than delivering a portrait of a city, it uses design to draw unexpected links between historical periods in search for timelessness. The delta is the temporal or spatial interval running between two points: it does not divide, but connects 

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Arbor Jewellery Stand



Arbor is made by hand in Zoë’s studio, using turned walnut, painted ash, brass, powder coated steel, marble, mirror, and wool felt . The sculptural jewellery stand incorporates an integrated and removable mirror, brushed brass details, and coloured platforms that display special items while 

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Charge Trays



Benjamin Hubert of experience design agency Layer has created Charge Tray, a collection of slip cast ceramic trays with an integrated induction charging system for renowned Italian ceramics brand Bitossi Ceramiche. The Charge Tray collection will launch in April at Salone del Mobile, with a UK launch 

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Mix It Up



USM Modular Furniture presents a series of custom drinks trollies envisioned by award-winning New York mixologists Jane Danger (Mother of Pearl), St. John Frizell (Fort Defiance), and Ivy Mix (Leyenda, American Bartender of the Year 2015). The trollies are created using USM’s iconic Haller System, 

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Zero Per Stool



BRAND Hattern is an up-cycling design studio which extracts patterns from waste. We aim at making practical and beautiful up-cycling products. PROJECT Excessive efficiency oriented manufacturing method inevitably causes massive waste. ZERO PER PROJECT as an alternative of this contradict concept, has 

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Marbled Stools



Marbled Stools is not what it seems at first glance, Davide G. Aquini deliberately lies in order to awaken a deep emotional response. Harsh and rigorous looking stools made of plywood are matched with a cushion that looks like granite, but is actually a conglomeration of soft recycled polyurethane or 

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