WW Chair



The two Ws in the chair's name stand for Windsor and Wire, which allude to its form and materials. It's a hybrid piece, which gives a contemporary twist to a traditional design language. The legs and seat are inspired by the classic lines of a Windsor chair, with the surface of the seat slightly carved 

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A SOFA by Sigurd Larsen To design a sofa can be compared to design a suit. It's a matter of leaving out a few elements, and it's no longer a suit. From season to season only minimal changes are done to update our perception of the perfect design. A SOFA is deeper and longer than most other sofas, but 

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Hände hoch



Hände hoch - hands up - is a collection for the home that includes a candlestick, a table mirror and a tray, and continues with a series of table and wall lamps. These hands juggle with a tray or hold up a mirror, and the candlestick can define various messages depending on the number of candles 

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The Garrison



A storied part of Toronto history is getting new life with the release of The Garrison, a contemporary piece of functional art with a fascinating story. Cast using steel reclaimed from Toronto's historic Garrison Road Bridge, this limited-edition, multi-use object can serve as a stool or a 

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Bamba is a flirtation with sculpture and with balance. Brimming with movement, it is table whose focal point is the production of a discourse about ornamentation from its minimalist, repeated and iterated lines. A work about boundaries (and the illusion of boundaries), it is a syncretism between harsh 

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The motivation for the development of the Avoa Chair is autotelia, the autonomous design discourse. The challenge was to think of an object as a quote, a resumption of the minimal elements that form a chair: small seat, economical design, and delicate balance.Avoa, as its name says, is on the verge of 

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Reo Chair



Fifth column bends steel rods to create Reo chair The ‘reo chair is designed to the robust piece, which was thought as an extension of the grounds of a building with conventional construction materials such as concrete and steel. Yet the challenge remained to convert the robustness of the materials 

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Wedge Table



The design of the Wedge Table arose from the idea to create a three dimensional table or stool construction that is made from flat plywood parts. The three interlocking legs form a solid structure and define the table’s characteristic visual appearance. Each part and detail underlies a structural 

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Covent Dining Chair



The Covent Dining Chair displays a comforting simplicity, a warm embrace suitable for an evening around the dinner table or curled up with a book. Inspired by the geometry of Mondrian’s line work, its slim frame shows an asymmetry that defies its strength, presenting a floating cocoon of soft 

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With FOLDED, Johan van Hengel has designed a decorative and functional shelving system designed to accommodate the desire to organize and display essential everyday objects. A practical shelving unit for storing and exhibiting anything from postcards to perfumes, FOLDED brings a personal touch to any 

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KOVY2 / 2016 Material : MetalCategory : Furniture / ChairPhotography by Hayoung Hwang / Joongho Choi studio The dining chair of the series of Kovy produced by the studio of Joongho Choi is composed of materials to discolor easily for presenting the distinctive character. Utilization of metal frame 

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Inspired by the many raw DIY solutions for bathroom consoles found in some urban contemporary boutique hotels, NORM have designed their own precise and minimalist version of a naked and structural exposed bathroom console system. NORM Architects have always adored the cool and unpretentious bathroom 

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Ara armchair designed by PerezOchando studio for Missana New technologies connect us with people around the world , we don't need to travel for have a meeting with someone that works in other city. Ara is an armchair that gives the privacy that the new forms of communication need. A place to use your 

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Bronze Collection



Bronze Collection: Umbrella table & stool Umbrella table & stool project is part of Tadeas Podracky‘s exploration of Chinese traditional crafts in Yuhang, China. This part of China is very famous for its tradition in bamboo and bronze products. He originaly did research about Oil-paper 

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Nature Collection



Nature CollectionPapila design studio, which specializes in food, and Bustper, a hotel design project furniture company, are presenting a new collection of drinks cabinets for hotels included in their Nature line. OriginThe drinks cabinet is a key piece of hotel furniture which normally consists of a 

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Mies changes the scale of architecture adding detail within the house; repetition becomes a pattern, a texture. It is based on the simplification of decorative elements to define a timeless, neutral and valid resource for different rooms, and at the same time it is different enough to not go unnoticed. 

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Kick Back



Atocha Design, the New York-based furniture design studio, has launched the Kick Back Cocktail Table to add to their collection of handcrafted, American-made wood furniture. Founded in 2008, Atocha Design originated from a passion for both music and modern design. This latest addition to their collection 

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Designed by Marlieke van Rossum for Avenue Road. Pukka: the word "Pukka" in Hindi means solid, genuine, and exquisite, which is a fitting description of this imposing dining table. A solid French oak surface-a staple of van Rossum's work-is supported by cast bronze. About the designer:Marlieke van 

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