The Nanoleaf Aurora introduces light in a way the world has never experienced before. The light bulb was invented in 1878, yet it has essentially stayed the same ever since. Fluorescent tubes, CFL, LEDs and now smart control...all considerable developments in lighting, but all still 

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Union Collection



Shelter Bay’s Union Collection was designed to provide designers and consumers with the ability to easily customise lighting to suit their project, space, or taste. With eight modular shapes and four striking finishes, Union encourages the exploration of form & colour to create a truly unique 

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Bolt Sconce



Taking inspiration from one of nature’s most awe-inspiring displays of light. This striking statement piece makes for a bold solution to lighting. The Bolt Sconce is a favourite among designers. It is an exploration of shape and function. The dramatic shape of the wall sconce is highlighted by a 

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Kubis Collection



Having combined the latest tradition of art direction graphic design with the basic elements of the graphical philosophy of suprematism from the beginning of the 20th century: quadrangle, cross and circle, we made an effort to transfer from the two-dimensional plane the typical features of the both 

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U Chain Series



Part jewellery, part industry, these fixtures are simultaneously delicate and bold. Seeming to balance two spherical lights like a perfectly weighted scale, this design can be selected as a wall mount(Only U) or as a pendant with a ‘U' shaped ceiling mount that mirrors the light fitting below (Chain 

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Step & Kick Series



In the Step and Kick series, Volker Haug expresses his elemental side. The simple designs combine structural lines with refined materials and craftsmanship. The collection is available in a number of configurations, with single, double and triple options available. Made from polished brass, braided 

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Carat LED Pendant Lamp



KAYIWA, the inventor of the diamond-shaped glassware that has been copied the world over, continues to push boundaries with the introduction of CARAT light fixtures. These new pendant lamps serve more than their functional purpose and move into artistic territory. "Lighting can change the entire ambience 

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Turning Leaves



Turning Leaves by tzelan All that glitters is gold, especially for tzelan's Turning Leaves lamp, a new battery-operated tabletop chandelier launched in April 2016 during Salone del Mobile, the annual industry-wide furniture fair in Milan. Produced in collaboration with our heritage partners and designed 

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Oda by Sebastian Herkner for Pulpo  Oda is a reservoir of light. Sebastian Herkner's aim was to create a repository or a balloon full of light. The design is inspired by the amazing pictures of water towers shot by German photographers Bernd and Hilla Becher. A hand-blown, tinted glass barrel 

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The Dyson Lighting Cu-Beam suspended lights use heat pipe technology to cool LEDs, for powerful lighting precisely where you need it. The Cu-Beam up light provides ambient lighting for open spaces. Using a custom-engineered bubble optic lens, it casts a wide pool of light across the ceiling. This 

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Designed by Daniel Rybakken for Luceplan. "Traditional chandeliers are usually designed with rigid symmetrical repetition of a single piece, such as a crystal prism. Stochastic also repeats the same object, but in an apparently random way, generating a special complexity. The LED source is positioned at 

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Montreal's Lambert & Fils launched Laurent, a new lighting fixture marking the studio's second showing at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), in New York, May 14 - 17, 2016. After last year's successful premier, Lambert & Fils returned to ICFF with its newest 

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Eye of the Light



Project of metal fabric weaved to reflect light. It can be modelled into various shapes, forming perfect texture for light to play with. It can take the form of lamps, room dividers or decorative objects.  The fabric, while made in metal, achieves quite an organic expression. Front and back side of 

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Tint is a lighting with many facets. The light passes through different colour spaces, which can tone the light slightly. The colour spaces or slats can be adjusted like a fan, offering diverse light settings. Atmospheric light, different insights and a playful handling give the lighting a character of an 

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The Arbor Series celebrates the beauty of high quality materials in a product and only using the necessary components. You can observe the Arbor planter and easily understand how it’s made. It's an honest object. The Arbor Planter and Pendant was mostly designed using CAD. This makes it easy for 

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The ''Anima'' lamp is inspired by Miami Art Deco architecture. ''Anima'' is a reflection upon/on the aura and emotional influence of the objects..  It is a sort of modern fetish, a benevolent object with which we develop a silent fascination. This first version plays with two contrasting wood 

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The Circuit series plays on concepts of rhythm and layering to the studio’s existing collection. “I think what is so interesting about our two new collections of lighting is how opposed they are in inspiration,“ says Creative Director Gabriel Hendifar. “The CIRCUIT series feels 

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Petite Collection



Secto Design is proud to present the brand new Petite collection at ICFF. The Petites add a smaller sized alternative to the Secto Design lighting range. The members of the Petite family are pendant, table and wall lights. Both the wall and table lights are adjustable as their shades turn gently pointing 

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