Laurent Collection



Laurent Collection by Lambert & Fils Studio. Revisiting the classic Bauhaus shape of the opaline hand-blown glass sphere, the collection of pendant lights offers a variation on minimalist surfaces and volumes, with delicate spheres shining against the rigid nature of its anchors. In keeping with 

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JUNIT LIGHTING The Junit light is a modular pendant lamp that consists of eight different elements. The units are turned from high-quality ash wood and painted in a german workshop, not far from Schneid's studio. The elements of the Junit series come in a natural, clear finish and each in different 

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Menuet by Nistal. Menuet is a collection of lamps inspired by the former traditional dance of the baroque French music of the XVIIth and XVIIIth century called Menuet.  It has its masculine and feminine version. Menuet Homme is the masculine part of the dance of lights representing the most 

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Aplomb XL



Lucidi & Pevere for Foscarini Aplomb XL is a logic continuation of small Aplomb’s created six years ago. The design feature has not changed: a concrete lamp suspended by a self-supporting cable which is extremely tight thanks to its own weight.  Compared to the first Aplomb the main 

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Futura by Hangar Design Group The collaboration between international design agency Hangar Design Group and Italian lighting producer Vistosi - which started in 2014 with Peggy, a special lighting project for the Peggy Guggenheim Museum Cafè in Venice - goes on.  The latest creation is a 

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Barrel Pendant



Ben & Aja Blanc produce limited edition furniture, lighting, and objects handcrafted in the U.S.A. Based in Providence, RI the studio is committed to creating objects using the finest materials and produced in collaboration with distinguished artisans and makers. Rooted in the tension between 

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Aplomb Large



The new Aplomb Large suspension lamp reinvigorates Foscarini's Aplomb collection with a defining new shape in concrete form. The wide, flattened top resembles the galactic silhouette of a UFO, and is fitted with an LED light source that casts a wide beam of light onto the surface underneath. Aplomb is 

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Lean Lamp



LEAN, from the acclaimed Swedish architectural partnership Claesson Koivisto Rune, is a steadfast lamp full of character. Expressed in three well-considered components, it walks a fine balance between being both minimalistic and playful.  This great personality offers the room an intriguing and 

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RA Collection



Design by Alexandre Joncas RA lighting series by D'Armes Luminiares consists of 2 pieces of hand-bent glass tube, brass and powder-coated aluminium : the RA Suspension and RA Wall.Lighting: Cold cathode neon. Launched in the Spring of 2016 in a former costume workshop located at the heart of the 

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T1 Concrete Pendant



The triangulated pendant lamp [T1] is cast from a light grey concrete. It combines noble gold with rough concrete into a timeless and elegant designer lamp. The high quality gilding of the insides emits a pleasant warm light. With an edge length of 15 x 15 x 15 cm, the lamp is suitable both, individually 

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Pivot Collection



Gentner Design - Pivot LED series With its articulated arm and adjustable head, this brass or steel lamp, is not only multidimensional, but it is an ever changing line drawing that nestles into a room. Reminiscent of industrial piping, the warmth of the refined material makes for an elegant lamp that 

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Luna Collection



Light is matter and symbol The inspiring element is the moon A single light source, which emanates intense and bright rays: Luna is the focal point of In-es.artdesign's lighting collection. The Luna design contains varied nuances and sensations. The Nebulite, material that has been developed 

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Lacuna ‘an empty space or void' is both the name given and concept behind the collection. Lacuna is a voluminous hollow of mouth blown glass illuminated from above by a chip on board type LED. A single molded form becomes stand, shade, insulator and reflector to a paired down electric 

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Le Royer



Larose Guyon is officially launching its second collection of high-end and innovative lighting fixture, pursuing what they originally started last May with their La Belle Époque collection. This new line is called Le Royer. The two designers behind Larose Guyon have certainly managed to create 

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Cone Light



Cone Light, the new collection of LED lamps by Werner Aisslinger for B.lux The German designer Werner Aisslinger is the man behind the Cone Light collection of suspension and wall lamps manufactured by the company B.lux. The shapes of these new decorative lamps were inspired by the classic foldable craft 

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The Nanoleaf Aurora introduces light in a way the world has never experienced before. The light bulb was invented in 1878, yet it has essentially stayed the same ever since. Fluorescent tubes, CFL, LEDs and now smart control...all considerable developments in lighting, but all still 

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Union Collection



Shelter Bay’s Union Collection was designed to provide designers and consumers with the ability to easily customise lighting to suit their project, space, or taste. With eight modular shapes and four striking finishes, Union encourages the exploration of form & colour to create a truly unique 

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Bolt Sconce



Taking inspiration from one of nature’s most awe-inspiring displays of light. This striking statement piece makes for a bold solution to lighting. The Bolt Sconce is a favourite among designers. It is an exploration of shape and function. The dramatic shape of the wall sconce is highlighted by a 

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