Masquespacio presents “Wink”, the first lamp designed by the creative consultancy for Houtique, a new brand part of Really Nice Things. The collaboration between Masquespacio and Houtique started when the founders of both companies came together with the aim to study new projects to work on 

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Moon 200



Moon 200 by Davide Groppi. For Davide Groppi making lights is not just a technical gesture, but also and above all, a way to approach people on a more personal, intimate level. Illumination is the art of making a space meaningful and create depth by using light and shadow. His poetic approach to 

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Dimmable copper lamps



ZAPALGO Dimmable copper lamps What better, faster and more practical way of setting a mood in the room than by dimming some big, warm, incandescent bulbs? There is none. You can do it almost instantly when you have a table lamp with an inbuilt touch dimmer – all you have to do is touch the lamp 

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From private spaces like living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms to public spaces like shops and public facilities, various demands are made of light in our everyday lives. In creating "Nod", Daisuke Kitagawa considered how smart lighting can be more flexible, responding to various scenes. While the 

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Float Collection



Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, a Brooklyn-based design brand introduces it’s latest in-house collection of illuminated mobiles - FLOAT. Built upon L&G’s reductive mobile and sculpture work FLOAT incorporates illuminated elements to further evolve a sculptural-functional approach which has 

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Hand & Eye Studio are pleased to introduce their new Rigatoni cluster lamp series design by Mentsen. It has been designed to add to their range of terracotta lamps but introduces a beautiful matte blue finish to a half ridged simple shade. In combination with the three sizes and two finishes the lamp 

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A piece of light



A piece of light by Caroline Brahme. A project about winter depression resulting in a portable, tactile, enjoyable light therapy lamp.  Four out of ten Swedes are more tired than normal during the winter. Winter depression can range from slight dullness to very severe depression. The most common 

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The inspiration for the inMOOV lamp comes from the movements in nature such as flowers opening or jellyfish swimming. Studio Lieven wanted to transfer this fascinating movement into a living space. For the body of the lamp, inspired by the Invertible Cube of Paul Schatz, they invented the Invertible Disc 

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Walker Lamp



Danish designer Søren Rose was commissioned to design the Walker Lamp for The Silo - a former grain tower converted into apartments and public space in Copenhagen. The development is the centrepiece of an urban revitalisation scheme transforming the Nordhavnen waterfront district of the city. Each 

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Corda Lamp



The Corda Lamp by Guilherme Wentz was designed from its energy cord that comes from the ceiling. The fine metal structure around the glass sphere, gives a fluid aesthetics to the object which makes it look like cord and structure are a single piece. The sphere is made of mouth-blown glass and has a 

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Privacy, transparency and daylight quality - what ALED Privacy-Plus offersAustrian technology company LightGlass convinced with its patented technology ALED Privacy-Plus, the new generation for self-illuminating glass with increased visual protection. Architectural glass with integrated ALED technology 

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Spritz by Yuval Tzur Design Studio Spritz (also known as Stucco) is a technique of applying plaster mixture for homes and buildings, both interior and exterior. The Spritz is an acrylic, water based material made of cement and glue. We apply it by spraying the layer on the walls that gives it a rough 3d 

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Myriad Series



The Myriad series is the newest addition to the Gabriel Scott lighting family and made its debut at Salone de Mobile 2017. Inspired by nature's bioluminescent organisms, this modular series is made up of the brand's signature double-blown glass and satin metallic hardware. Its articulated stems carry the 

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Primary Fluorescents



The name is a combination of the fluorescent nature of the gasses that create light and the ‘primary' forms (circle, square and triangle) that make up the final shapes. The circle form hangs on the wall whereas the triangle and square are intended for surfaces, as they have flat bottoms. The 

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On the occasion of Euroluce 2017, Hangar Design Group signs a new project for the historical Vistosi lighting company: Stone is a pendant lamp, characterized by almost sculpted volumes, where the lightness of blown glass is opposed to the solidity of linear geometries. In this tension, between the use of 

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Bel Occhio Collection



Bel Occhio Collection by Pablo Designs.  Bel Occhio is both a multi-position spot light and ambient table lamp combined. The spherical acrylic shell is gently cradled in its base allowing infinite adjustment with a touch of the hand.  A study in weightlessness and transparency, its inner 

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Giraffa by Pablo Smart and playful, Giraffa's endearing personality and versatile design are at home anywhere: on your desk, atop a nightstand, or tucked into a cozy reading nook. A 360° rotating shade combined with an angled post provides multiple lighting possibilities, allowing this petite lamp to 

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Mode and Float Series



Lightmaker Studio launches the Mode and Float Series of fixtures and adds to their Zig-Zag Series. In keeping with the Company's design philosophy - all three series use classic forms, pure shapes and materials such as hand-finished brass and hand-blown glass to create sculpture-like modern pieces. Mode 

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