Figu trays by Beaverhausen, fun with compositions. Brussels based design studio Beaverhausen created ‘Figu' - a set of 8 steel trays for all your small bits and pieces - to have some fun with compositions. Different figures can be created when combining all geometric shapes together. And when 

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Hände hoch



Hände hoch - hands up - is a collection for the home that includes a candlestick, a table mirror and a tray, and continues with a series of table and wall lamps. These hands juggle with a tray or hold up a mirror, and the candlestick can define various messages depending on the number of candles 

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Louis, designed by Paolo Cappello for Newblack, is the analogue speaker that allows you to rediscover the sounds of old vinyl records thanks to a true dialogue between objects. The magical atmosphere of times gone by comes to life thanks to the encounter between technology and craftsmanship. Louis is 

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Delta Collection



Delta as a collection result as a coherent body of work that more than delivering a portrait of a city, it uses design to draw unexpected links between historical periods in search for timelessness. The delta is the temporal or spatial interval running between two points: it does not divide, but connects 

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Arbor Jewellery Stand



Arbor is made by hand in Zoë’s studio, using turned walnut, painted ash, brass, powder coated steel, marble, mirror, and wool felt . The sculptural jewellery stand incorporates an integrated and removable mirror, brushed brass details, and coloured platforms that display special items while 

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Charge Trays



Benjamin Hubert of experience design agency Layer has created Charge Tray, a collection of slip cast ceramic trays with an integrated induction charging system for renowned Italian ceramics brand Bitossi Ceramiche. The Charge Tray collection will launch in April at Salone del Mobile, with a UK launch 

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Mix It Up



USM Modular Furniture presents a series of custom drinks trollies envisioned by award-winning New York mixologists Jane Danger (Mother of Pearl), St. John Frizell (Fort Defiance), and Ivy Mix (Leyenda, American Bartender of the Year 2015). The trollies are created using USM’s iconic Haller System, 

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Valet Collection



Stellar Works announced its first collaboration with David Rockwell and his award-winning firm Rockwell Group, Valet by David Rockwell.  For Valet, David Rockwell explores a new furniture typology that supports everyday living, working, and entertaining. With tactile and refined materials and 

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Liane, Otéro and La Belle Épogue



Audrée L. Larose and Félix Guyon, design lovers and lovers in life, are officially launching their innovative high-end lighting fixtures influenced by the romanticism of their collection La Belle Époque. It’s with enthusiasm that they will be presenting them for the first time 

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Kubus Collection



Architect Mogens Lassen’s classic candleholder, Kubus, is an essential part of Danish design history, and now it is our great pleasure to present Kubus 1 and Line in a beautiful nickelplated version. In 1962 the local artisans in Ordrup completed work on the very first Kubus 

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A series of table transparent vases with two branch ramifications which allow the preparation of flower compositions with different species and, also, the use of them as watering cans. Made by cylinders in borosilicate glass, hand welded at high temperature by specialized craftsman, they follow a common 

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Kuiper Belt



Kuiper Belt   Dedicated to the life forms which haven’t yet been discovered.   The Kuiper Belt is part of our Solar System, and is located beyond the orbit of Neptune. It was due to the discovery of the Kuiper Belt that Pluto lost its status as a planet. Since its discovery 

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Every person has an innate craving to spend time in nature, as we get the psychological satisfaction of nature in general. Much research has been devoted to how beneficial nature of the effect on the human brain. The biggest emphasis was, of course, on the visual component, but this project has been given 


Change Box



Benjamin Hubert of experience design agency LAYER has designed a new mass-produced charity collection box for Maggie’s, a UK-based charity organisation that provides free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their family and friends.LAYER is the first agency to re-think 

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IKEA Wireless



The prevalence of smartphones in our lives is undeniable, this can lead to a home being overrun by countless charging cables, wires that prove an eye sore, get lost or get broken. In response to this IKEA have created a range of wireless chargers that make mobile charging a lot more accessible, and also 

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