Based on the Moiré Jewelry, this series of wall lamps is a celebration of the intriguing moiré effect. By rotating the back layer, the pattern interferes with the pattern in front. Rings, squares or hexagons seem to appear and to move, making this into an almost hypnotic effect. These lamps 

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Eileen Lamp



Established in 2009 by William Pianta after lengthy experience as a lighting designer in public and private contexts,Nahoor, an Aramaic word that indicates the origin and source of light, blends Italian tradition with the latest technologies.The brand, led by the creative leadership of William Pianta, 

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Pris Lighting



At the heart of PELLE’s work is a fusing of primary elements with modern form – geologic lines repurposed, blown glass and coiled leather forged to light contemporary spaces. Their pieces are to be lived with, handled, worn, and enjoyed. Their latest endeavour, Pris, is an all modular 

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Wooden Light Bulb



‘Akin to shining a torch through your hand,’ this is how Kyoto-based designer Ryosuke Fukusada describes the striking light emitted by his Wooden Light Bulb. To manufacture the lamp, which is also a luminaire, he uses the traditional Japanese craft technique of Rokuro, which is now very rarely 

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Lake Light



A dense ink stain that spreads in water, the overhead view of a lake, with an irregular profile just like many of the shapes we find in nature.These are some of the pictures that spring to mind when we look at Lake, the new wall lamp designed by Lucidi Pevere for Foscarini, which stands out for its 

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Inutile, the newest collection from Daphna Laurens is an LED ‘tube’ lighting range that premiered at the last Salone del Mobile. They successfully exhibited the prototypes of four models; including two suspended, a wall and a floor/table version.Daphna Laurens envision ‘Inutile’ to 

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At Nanoleaf their mission is ‘to create beautiful products that create beautiful light’. Their innovative designs are environmentally friendly and visually striking. The Gem is a geometric bulb that has a high light quality and is finished in a lightweight, shatter resistant glass design. The 

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LED Buster Bulb



In 2009, with energy consumption rising to unprecedented highs, governments across the world passed measures to phase out incandescent & filament light bulbs in favour of more energy-efficient lighting alternatives. There was only one problem with the plan - all the alternatives tended to fall 

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Brick Lamp



HCWD Studio is a New York City based design studio which creates art, furniture and architectural design. Their works strike to rediscover the user experience of daily objects, and redefine the relationship between human scale, space and landscape. This updated version of their Brick Lamp is based on the 

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This new fixture from Belgian architectural lighting company Modular Lighting Instruments feels equally at home in an energy-efficient, ergonomic office environment as in a sleekly designed home office. Vaeder comprises an outer shell and a new, in-house designed honeycomb that perfectly traces its outer 

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W151 for Wästberg



Wästberg introduces Claesson Koivisto Rune w151, an extra-large pendant in three different conical shapes in collaboration with Swedish architecture & design stu­dio Claesson Koivisto Rune. Lamp fixtures have historically been shaped to encase different light sour­ces such as the light 

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iLLuminite is inspired by the search for a more unique and original approach to night lights and ambient lights. As it turns out, acrylic glass functions in a very similar manner to fiber optics: light up one side and the acrylic glass channels the light all the way through to the other side. More so, any 

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The CSYS CLAMP is the latest in the CSYS range from Jake Dyson. The past years have been dedicated to the development of this lighting range incorporating functional motion mechanics and the designer's know-how and research, fulfilling a desire to challenge conventional mechanical movement and positioning 





From October 2014, lighting brand Terence Woodgate's collection of LED pendants and surface downlights ‘Solid', will be packaged with the option of lighting manufacturer Megaman's new Ingenium Bluetooth LED lamp - the first decorative lighting collection to be sold with Bluetooth. The new Smart 

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For their second collaboration, 3M Architectural Markets and designer Todd Bracher have paired their respective engineering smarts and design sensibility for VESSEL by 3MTM + Todd Bracher. Initially available as a pendant or sconce, this crystal clear cylindrical light is made of durable quartz crystal. 


Nola Glass Lamps



The project Nola is a collaboration between Amsterdam Designers Studio Drift and the new Dutch label 'Buhtiq 31'. Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn of Studio Drift designed the series of colour-mixing lamps through experimentation, playing with the endless possibilities of combining colour and light in a 

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Reveal for Aston Martin



The British designer Jason Bruges has created a stunning OLED light installation - Reveal for Aston Martin - with approximately 450 square OLEDs on behalf of Philips Lumiblade. Bruges connected groups of five OLEDs together to form flower heads that react to the viewer using sophisticated electronics. 

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Chroma-Q Inspire



The new Chroma-Q InspireTM colour-changing LED house light is a powerful multi-purpose creative lighting tool that provides designers and end users with the ability to seamlessly transform the look and feel of a venue or a themed space. Featuring a cutting-edge design on the inside, through to its 

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