Marble Collection



Marble Effect Vinyl Flooring by Atrafloor Get the Marble look at home with the luxury vinyl flooring designs that make a beautiful and practical alternative to the real thing. Choose from effortlessly natural, faux-look Marble effect vinyl flooring such as our timeless white cracked marble design Elgin, 

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ARTIGO present Screed: a sophisticated simplicity New-born, it was already selected by D-Prize because the jury considered it “… the fruit of the evolution of the industrial process with a new human contribution that customize the product, by making it surprisingly different. A typical 

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Type-32 by Diego Grandi



Four different colour bases. Four combinable graphics. Two shades: warm, cold. These are the factors of the Type-32 equation    Beyond matter! This is the cry that springs to mind when seeing the Type-32 collection, the new project by Diego Grandi for Lea Ceramiche.  And while the 

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World-renowned design company Bolon's latest collection ‘Silence' is inspired by the calm, tranquil beauty of the forests, lakes and wide skies of their Swedish homeland. With the design team working directly with the machines and processes of the factory floor, the collection offers unique 

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White-washed and weathered wood flooring



Keeping things simple may seem an easy option when planning an interior but getting the balance between functional and beautiful takes some careful consideration. Observing the architectural features of your home will give you a good starting point when it comes to planning an interior.  And, once 

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Bolon by Missoni



BOLON AND MISSONI – NATURAL CONTINUATION The organic collaboration between Bolon and Missoni continues with new renditions of the Bolon by Missoni flooring range. Inspired by nature, the extended range now include a progressively autumnal, contemporary rustic palette with four new colours of 

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Kährs New Harmony Collection



Kährs new Harmony Collection reflects the enduring trend for rustic natural surfaces with subtle design features. The pocket-friendly range includes fourteen designs, each crafted in Sweden from sustainable European oak and ash. Hand-brushing removes pulpy softwood to expose natural graining and 

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APEX takes inspiration from ancestral ink brush painting. The expressionist pattern offers a gestural effect achieved through large-scale dark blue silk fading over a grey palette. APEX is part of Tai Ping's Eclipse collection which is a contemporary interpretation of traditional Asian visual arts and 

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Urban Retreat



Interpreting Nature’s Design  In January 2013, Interface introduced Urban Retreat in the UK, a collection which draws directly on the idea that we all have an instinctive love of nature – a science known as Biophilia. In the compact living spaces of modern cities, people are 

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Wing is a flooring tile that allows architects and designers to combine several of Bolon’s collections and elevate them to a new level. The strong architectural form interacts elegantly with interior design elements and building details. The results are striking – the new format reenergises 

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The Pico collection comes in three differently coloured bases (Blanc, Gris, and Terre) composed of specific mineral mixtures that produce surfaces with a real material depth. The subtly composed shades have a matt finish with a sensual surface feel. Together with its slightly irregular dotted texture 

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These new SWIRL and WATERWHEEL monochrome ceramics pieces (known as ‘tesserae') by Paris Ceramics are backed on to mesh, which makes them easier to install as well as making it easier to create custom-made designs to the buyer's specification. As mosaics go they are innovative because they are not 





Amtico International Brings the Best of British Design to CDW Luxury flooring specialists Amtico International showcased their contemporary, stylish flooring designs at Clerkenwell Design Week. Amtico designs offer 158 beautiful styles of flooring, including a range of natural-look woods, textured 





Ronan and Erwan have always been captivated by the traditional Persian rug, especially by the very old kilim savoir-faire which is seen as a delicate mix of rusticity and fineness. They were lucky to see this project carried through by the craftsmen of Northern Pakistan who managed to skillfully combine