The Lettura Collection



The Lettura Collection by Gianfranco Marabese for Antonangeli was developed to improve the life of avid readers. The novel and functional light metal structures are composed in a way that makes them 360° accessible. Each product in The Lettura Collection has lights built into them; showcasing your 

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Slide Range



A new collection of shelves and tables by nendo that express a “slide” of position by focusing on the technology that bonds glass to glass. Each item is made of glass, and then one black sheet of glass is bonded in a way so that it appears that it has slid from its original position. These 

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Bookcases are traditionally shaped by their function. Designed to hold heavy, delicate and valuable items, they commonly look rigid and static. Equilibrium is a modular bookcase designed to break away from that paradigm by juxtaposing delicacy and heaviness with animation and weightlessness. With five