Solis Mirror



Solis Mirror by Simon Johns. Part blackened ash, brass plated steel and part glass, the Solis Mirror references the horizon, the rising sun, and your reflection amidst it all. A circle of brass plating stands an inch behind the oblong mirror as if hovering behind. The mirror’s glass ends abruptly 

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Pepe Marble Mirror



The Pepe Marble Mirror is a beautiful object for everyday use. With its clean lines and iconic aesthetic, the mirror takes inspiration from Italian design and architecture of the late 1950s, as represented by masters such as Caccia Dominioni and Gio Ponti. The Milanese design duo behind the mirror, 

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Equilibrista Mirrors by Giovanni Botticelli.  Swing Design Gallery is proud to present Equilibrista Mirrors, the first personal exhibition dedicated to the young Roman designer Giovanni Botticelli. Equilibrista is a limited and numbered edition of mirrors designed exclusively for the 

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Starting Point Mirror



The Starting Point Mirror is minimalist in form and luxurious in form and function. It starts with a single piece of steel. The metal is laser cut and then formed to create both a cradle for the mirror to rest in as well as to give a convenient shelf for the onlooker. The gray tinted mirror is hand cut 

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New Perspective



The "New Perspective" mirrors give the impression of an extra perspective in the room, as if they were the gateway to an extra room, to a different world, a surrealist world of fake perspectives... They represent a stylised and cartoon-like perspective of a wooden floor and walls in a very graphic manner 

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FRAMED is not just a mirror, but an Object - which, with its depth of both form and color, lends the wall a sculptural value. The colored glass and volume of the frame, which, seen from the side, has an almost three dimensional effect, highlights the intention that FRAMED is made as much to be seen - as 

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Ashkal Series



Created for the Sursock museum store, "Ashkal" is a reconstruction of the reflection of a human's soul on a nostalgic but contemporary design object letting each one of us dive into his own memories or even exporting each one to the old era of early sixties when the Sursock museum opened its 

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Wall*nut Hexagons by Think Fabricate Available in sets of three, Think Fabricate and its affiliated architecture studio Doban Architecture have collaborated to create an eye-catching wall installation of hexagonal forms that is not only decorative but can also be outfitted with mirrors, 

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Self Portrait



Selfportrait, make-up mirror | designed by Ilaria Innocenti & Giorgio Laboratore The appeal of the Silk Road - the route which connected the East to the West, reaching as far as Venice - is brought back to life by this object inspired by Chinese fans, where the mirror is offered as a refined female 

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Bubbles Mirror



Jetclass is a neo-classical furniture luxury brand which places great emphasis on the finish and details of a product whilst also remaining innovative, customisable and up to date with the latest technology.The Bubbles Mirror from their Opium Collection ‘reflects the different perspectives of 

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Tafla Mirror



Steel TAFLA mirrors by Zieta Prozessdesign made with FiDU technology that are as unique as the reflections in them. The new modular collection of mirrors gives another dimension of space and creates a unique story on your wall. The use of an easily manipulative material allowed Zieta to create an entire 

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Showcase Mirrors



Studio Thier & Van Daalen have created eye-catching showcase cabinets with mirrored glass, your unique objects fit in with the advantage that you can see it from all sides. The fascinating effect of a floating bubble which adapts to its surroundings until it snaps, was the inspiration for this new 

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Copper Mirror Series



After years spent working independently as designers across bespoke furniture, product, interior and exhibition design, and meeting at endless international events, Amy Hunting and Oscar Narud officially joined forces professionally in 2012. Amy and Oscar are both half British, half Norwegian, and have 

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Hang Up Mirror



A picture frame or a mirror?  Hang Up is an unusual mirror; the irregular position of the mirror adds a touch of movement and irreverent modernity to the mirror's designated setting.  The initial idea was to create a mirror that is detached from its natural position while still hanging onto the 

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Adnet Mirrors



Following last year's reissue of French modernist icon Jacques Adnet's remarkable circular mirror, Gubi will launch another original 1950's Jacques Adnet design. Adnet Rectangulaire is also a leather trimmed mirror but rectangular in form, a contrasting yet equally striking expression of Adnet's singular 

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Plus Mirror



Michael Siney's new Plus Mirror shows great versatility, looking great vertically and horizontally, and because of the clever design they also looks great both as a standalone piece or grouped together. Each mirror comes with a pre applied super sticky backing that will hold firmly to any flat surface. 

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The ECLIPSE MIRROR was designed by FOUR-O-NINE, the award-winning, emerging practice of Lukasz Kos and Andrei Zerebecky. Taking cues from the cultural significance of the moon in Asian culture, the eclipse critiques the continued evolvement of modern aesthetics towards an automated, computer-generated 





The timber used in this piece is over 200 year old Mahogany that John Galvin acquired from an elderly cabinet making friend. The timber actually belonged to his father before it was passed onto him. The brass feet, and umbrella holder were made in house along with the hand turned shaker style wooden pegs.