Hour Stool



Hour Stool designed by Rowan Jackman Design. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the Hour stool is a versatile, fun and playful stool for use in both indoor or outdoor spaces. Made from two folded aluminium parts, the stool can also be your step ladder, side table or odds-and-ends perch. Not only 

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Yemenite Totem



The Yemenite totem is a graduation project by Shir Avraham at Holon Institute of Technology (HIT), made in a response to the trend in which people move to major cities and exchange big homes with smaller apartments. The living room space these days is significantly reduced and furniture occupies a lot of 

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Pony collection by Toru Inspired by riding horses & dreaming of becoming a horse or maybe even a centaur. The Pony stool brings the user and the object itself together, creating a whole, a single meaning. This gives a symbolic content for its form and function. This minimalistic beauty is born 

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Shoe Stool



Opinion Ciatti - Shoe stool - seating - design Koichi Futatsumata This compact, yet useful, stool has been created to make functional the ritual of the lacing up of footwear. Not only it provides a seat for taking off and putting on shoes, but it also serves as a platform for tying and polishing shoes as 

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Zero Per Stool



BRAND Hattern is an up-cycling design studio which extracts patterns from waste. We aim at making practical and beautiful up-cycling products. PROJECT Excessive efficiency oriented manufacturing method inevitably causes massive waste. ZERO PER PROJECT as an alternative of this contradict concept, has 

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Marbled Stools



Marbled Stools is not what it seems at first glance, Davide G. Aquini deliberately lies in order to awaken a deep emotional response. Harsh and rigorous looking stools made of plywood are matched with a cushion that looks like granite, but is actually a conglomeration of soft recycled polyurethane or 

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Cardboard Stool



Cardboard Stool By experimenting with a low value, everyday material, the aim of the project was to manipulate the visual language of cardboard and enhance its perceived quality. Each stool is made by rolling lengths of laminated cardboard into rough cylinders. Shaving 

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Otto stool – Designed by Mario Ferrarini for Crassevig The circle is the quintessential perfect shape and an emblem of continuity, unity and connection with no ends, corners or boundaries. It is the form that best symbolises the concept of unison and togetherness. Mario Ferrarini has used the 

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Bar Stool



A new bar stool that combines traditional saddle making with contemporary design has been added to Danish furniture maker Overgaard & Dyrman’s award-winning Wire collection including the World Interiors News Award 2014. A bar stool has joined the Overgaard & Dyrman Wire Collection, which 

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FILD was established in 2012 in Kiev, Ukraine by Dan Vakhrameyev. Since 2013, FILD expended its field of expertise by engaging in and successfully completing architectural & interior design, as well as branding projects, for a Yoga studio, a few beauty salons, PODOLYAN fashion store and a flower 

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Is there any need to design a new stool? Aren't there enough already? These are the questions that Estudio Pedro Feduchi first asked themselves when designing their new ‘Crick' Stool. The design practice first looked at the essential requirements of a stool. Naturally, it should be suitable for 

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Companion, designed by Phillip Grass, is the debut collection of the Danish design brand, founded in 2014. The stools from the Companion series can be used as an extra chair or small table, as well as a piece of art in themselves. They can be placed in the home individually or in a group to create a more 

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Moving Stool



Moving Stool is one of the products which most effectively sums up Gabriele Pezzini's design approach and philosophy, based on an authentic interaction between the design project and meta-design thinking. The stool derives from a series of meta-design thinking studies implemented in 2001, which enabled 

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75% Control - Stool



Designer Dafi Reis-Doron has developed an innovative new technology to create upholstered furniture which she has titled ‘75% control'. As can be expected from the name, her furniture is made using a 75% control process. Polyurethane foam, usually hidden underneath fabric, is cast in an open mold 

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Olly Stool



Established in 2012 by two like-minded British designers David Lord and Ben Frost, Junction Fifteen create award-winning innovative and contemporary furniture full of character for the domestic and contract furniture market. Their Olly Stool is a contemporary take on the traditional tri-symmetric milking 

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Felt Stools



Designer duo Robert Barnby and Lewis Day of Barnby & Day handcraft all their furniture from their studio workshop at the foot of The Black Mountains, just outside the picturesque town of Hay-on-Wye. The legs of their Felt Stools are turned personally by the pair, handmade from Ash or American Black 

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Cool with Wool



Hailing from the scenically spectacular municipality of Jølster, Aud Julie Befring draws upon Norway's inspiring natural landscape in her work - primarily in ceramics, wood and textiles. The Cool with Wool stools are her latest creation; colourful, imaginative and fun and a clear example of 

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Branca Stool



Designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin, of London-based studio Industrial Facility, have just launched their Branca Stool designed for Italian manufacturer Mattiazzi. The Stool is the successor of the influential Branca Chair, also released by Mattiazzi five years ago, an all-wood, stacking armchair produced 

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