Pidestall Planters



Pidestall Planters designed by Emilie Stahl Carlsen for Woud. Pidestall is a series of plant boxes for indoor and outdoor use. The Pidestall series makes it possible to create a green oasis in the living room or on the balcony, and can be filled with green plants, colourful flowers or self-grown herbs. 

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Step + Spiral



The STEP + SPIRAL collection by Justin Donnelly invites you to elevate your plant game with indoor/outdoor planters in a wide range of playful colors. The stepped-tower design allows you to cluster your plants together wile ensuring that each plant is receiving an equal amount of sunlight. These modern 

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Leather Plant Hanger



Kathryn Leah Payne's modern take on a vintage classic, The Leather Plant Hanger, has been a big hit since they were released in October 2014 and she has since added to the range with limited edition Colour Pop and Tassel Plant Hangers providing more colour and variety to this interior design icon. The 

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Módulo Jardim



GARDEN MODULEFrom a single module you can create a three-dimensional panel with most varied combinations. Do it your way.Its irregular shape allows flexible compositions according to your taste, purpose and destination: aligned, mixed, spread or contained. Structure.The module is made of steel tubes 

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Hive Collection



This year, EGO Paris, the French manufacturer of outdoor furniture, has turned to designer Fabrice Berrux for a contemporary and graphic design collection. The aim of EGO Paris has always been to make life outdoors a special time for conviviality and friendliness, and because Fabrice Berrux shares this 

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Dutch Designer Tim van de Weerd has invented a new ‘species' of plant pots with his Monstera series; one that liberates the plant from the windowsill and in which plants can regain their natural freedom, even within the interior. The Monstera plant pot, with its 

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Nomad is a portable herb planter made from folded fabric. The design is adaptable to a variety of environments with limited space for plants. It can hang from a rope, sit on the coffee table, be transported to the window for more sunlight or the user may choose to only plant one side and hang it on the 

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Potted plants are generally speaking static, rooted to the ground (but not embedded in it). So why not provide them with movement, allowing them to follow the sun's path, to sway in the breeze and grow at will? These are the thoughts that led Xavier Mora and Sandra Compte of Studio BAG Disseny to design a 

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Los Angeles-based environmental designer Cora Neil is launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of HEDGE, a collection of colourful, modern hanging planters tailored for urban living.  The collection is notable for its versatility, ease of use, clean geometry, and craftsmanship. The 

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Cumulus Parasol



The Cumulus Parasol is a solar powered parasol that inflates itself when the sun starts shining, created by Studio Toer. Toer's passion is to explore the boundaries of product and spatial design. The designs are a result of their fascination for simple movements and the emotional impact this 

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The NYC 2030 Drinking Fountain envisions a drinking fountain that embraces public drinking water and encourages bottle filling. Inspired by Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC 2030 program to make the city’s amenities more sustainable, the fountain brings design creativity and sustainability to public 





Bird tables are commonly timber objects that are undesirable and prone to decay, so as a result are usually discarded. Bird baths on the other hand are generally beautifully crafted objects or sculptures which become focal points in their surroundings. Thee Apple aims to become both functional and