Bold is a graphic wall clock, designed by the Swedish designer Jonas Wagell. The design clearly references the world of typography, in which a font can be made bold to stand out and attract the eye. That’s where the clock gets its name, Bold, from. The face and hands of the clock have plump, rounded 

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Inifnity Clock



Bosa, the internationally known Venetian ceramics workshop, has been creating completely handmade objects and pieces of furniture since 1976. Thanks to the consolidated artisan experience, Bosa has undertaken a number of design challenges, creating functional objects and works of art design in 

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The Memory Clock



Monom is a product innovation team that aims to breathe new life and create new markets into the world of domestic objects and technology.  Professionals of design, technology, marketing, and business; Monom propose products that have never existed before by combining design with creativity. Jointly 

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Blub Uno Clock



Blub Uno is a desk clock designed by duncan Hellmers which can hold its own as an object of function when you need it and beauty when you don't. Funded by a Kickstarter campaign, the Blub features individual glowing numbers, housed in a glass cylinder, and is a striking alternative to the common digital 

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LOK Clock



The LOK collection by Helena Franca is a family of two clocks; a handle clock and a shelf clock. The simple form is made from laser cut plexiglass acrylic sheets but each clock then has an additional detail that adds a functional aspect to the clock. The handle LOK Clock has a hand hold making it easy to 

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Simple forms combined with natural materials give Ilias Ernst's Clork its unique look and feel. One of the corners is a right angle which stabilises the clock so that it can stand up right on a desk, shelf or bedside table. The Clork comes in either natural or black cork and has a simple design that would 

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Cuckoo Clock Redesign



The cuckoo clock once evoked the simplicity of an idealised rural life in an Alpine setting, but what remains of the Swiss cuckoo clock today? This project of renewing the iconic timepiece was conceived by designer Claudio Colucci, at the invitation of Jean-Pierre Greff, Director of HEAD - Geneva. 

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MOCAP Bamboo Clock



This eye-catching bamboo wall clock changes shape as you view the clock from different angles. When standing in front of the clock the numbers are clear and visible, when you walk around it, the numbers slowly dissolve, seemingly falling apart in little floating white balls. The clock face is finished 

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Combining practicality and style, the ONE Table Calendar provides an innovative way to track the date by South Korean designer Jeong Yong. The wooden structure consists of three differently sized rings. The rings are magnetised so that they can be attached together. The biggest ring has 31 units to 

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The decorative wall clock Watch Me, designed by RasmusGottliebsen, has now been launched in three new colours: pink, green and blue. The inspiration for the three new colours was taken from the block colours of the fashion world, which Normann Copenhagen now brings into the interior design sphere. Watch 





Made from a single piece of laser cut steel, Acero is an understated and unpretentious clock that reflects Michael's simplistic approach to his work. The original unfinished version reveals machine marks and scratches that add value and uniqueness to each clock. Dimensions: 22cm x 18cm x 5cm Materials: 





The knitting clock project was designed to measure and register time in a three dimensional form to visualise the otherwise visible time factor, which connects us all. The project can best be described as a merge of a knitting machine and a cuckoo clock. The knitting of a mesh marks every passing of a 

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