Solid Light



Terence Woodgate founded his eponymous lighting company in 2014, with the aim of producing design-led lighting collections that optimise the energy-saving benefits of LED technology.Solid, the brand’s first collection, is a range of pendants and surface-mounted downlights in natural materials such 

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Firmament-1 Light



Firmament 1 is a compact pendant light design within our 'light jewellery' series. The vision behind the piece was to create a constellation of light, that’s substantiated by the connecting points of the structure that contain it, so that these nodes of refracted light are suspended in space or 

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Iris Light



The result of ambitious craftsmanship and technological innovation, Iris by NEO/CRAFT is the perfect illusion of a permanent, iridescent soap bubble. In keeping with designer Sebastian Scherer’s inspiration of children blowing bubbles, the starting point of each Iris pendant light is a mouth blown 

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Senorita Pendant by Jan Flook



The second international launch from the Jan Flook Lighting collection is a witty, adaptable and immensely useful pendant named Senorita.Inspired by a Spanish flamenco dress, the stretch element came by chance when Flook noticed he could concertina a flat shape outwards from a single piece of felt. 

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Jan Flook is an award-winning industrial designer based in Melbourne, Australia, who trained in Florence, Milan and New Zealand. 2015 saw the launch of a striking pendant named BLOOM the first launch from the collection: a rounded powder-coated white aluminium shade with yellow silk orchids cascading from 

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Inspired by Zeppelins, this pendant lampby Iskos Berlin has a playful design and a focused shape as if it really is flying through the room. Several Avions can be arranged in regular formations, chaotically fill the “airspace” or the light can be used to mark a path through a building like 

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Chapel Light



Lee Broom designs, manufactures and retails his own label products and designs unique interiors. He is one of the UK’s leading product & interior designers. The importance of the manufacturing process is integral to Broom’s philosophy. A supporter of British manufacturing techniques. Broom 

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Match Light



Sculptural light compositions that convert ceilings into works of art through chaotic harmony. The Match lighting system by Jordi Vilardell and Meritxell Vidal for Vibia was conceived as a new concept in bespoke lighting solutions allowing architects, interior designers and lighting professio¬nals to 

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Spring Light



Spring is the new light design by Castiglione Morelli Design for Status. Oriental in shape, this family of lamps offers original designs and formal solutions.The lampshade is made from felt cut to create a three-dimensional shape inspired by Japanese origami. Production simplicity and the wide range of 

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The Mariner Collection



Designed by the Studio Beam creative trio of Oded Sapir, Oz Ohayon and Maayan Edwy, the new Mariner collection offers a truly unique aesthetic. Each member of the ‘The Beam-Team' offers an individual strength to the operation.  Oded explains,"the fundamental base of our threesome is the 

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Full and hollow shapes, light and shadow, neutral and bright shades. These are the contrasts that inspired Laura Marìn in the creation of her Tie Lamp for Incipit, a lamp with a multifaceted personality. The full and tactile character of the two terracotta lampshades, bound together by brightly 

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Rituals XL



Ludovica and Roberto Palomba have introduced a new piece to the Rituals lamp collection, Rituals XL, produced by Foscarini. The Rituals family, with its different and complementary forms, volumes and proportions, now also has this extra-large version, a new irregular sphere in an impressive size which has 

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Singapore-based production company Industry+ is dedicated to producing high quality contemporary design products made in Asia, working with a collection of forward thinking designers who combine industrial production with artisanal craftsmanship. Their debut collection was launched at London Design 

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Equi Collection



Kyla McCallum, whom Barbara Chandler recently crowned ‘London's new queen of origami', (May 9th 2014 Evening Standard) launched the Equi Collection at designjunction this year. The range includes the Equi Cone Pendant and a collection of textiles made using a unique range of metallised fabrics in 

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The Danish designer Simon Legald has designed a sophisticated range of lamps called Amp for Normann Copenhagen. The range consists of one table lamp and two pendant lamps. Amp is characterised by its high-quality materials of glass and marble that add a visual fragility and sensuous heaviness. Amp has a 

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This year the iconic pendant lamp Dokka celebrates its 60th anniversary. Accordingly, Northern Lighting have paid homage to its designer Birger Dahl and Nordic post-war design history by presenting Dokka in six brand new colours, celebrating each decade of the lamp's existence. Dokka is a small pendant 

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I-O-N Pendant Lights



Gregory Bonasera and Anthony Raymond, otherwise known as Porcelain Bear, use their combined talents to produce porcelain products with a distinct style and design. Bonasera spent 25 years creating bespoke objects and furniture pieces for designers and architects with his company Gregory Bonasera Ceramics, 

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Sky Bang



In collaboration with RUX, Stickbulb have released their most dynamic incarnation of Stickbulb yet: Sky Bang. It's a design which permits the minimal wooden bulb to take centre stage while the central knuckle component provides the opportunity for plenty of variation within the collection, thus 

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