The Double Drawer Cypress Table was designed and built by Shannon Bowser of Brooklyn SLaB, a custom furniture and fabrication studio located in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Merging traditional craftsmanship with contemporary modernism, this piece incorporates contrasting genres and varying influences to form a 

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Table T



A collection of tables made out of Corian®, Dupont™ combined with wood and metal for indoor or outdoor use with led light strips incorporated. Rechargeable battery or electrical cable can be used as energy source for led. It is available in solid and illumination series Corian® in 3 sizes, 

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Ceramic – Tables



Glazing clay is one of the oldest techniques to decorate products of everyday life. I developed a specific process to apply the glazes.  The process of firing transforms the liquid suspension of metal oxides and powdered minerals into various glass-like surface-finishes. For the 

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This time, Duffy casts an eye downwards – looking to the depths of the ocean to dream up a dramatic new coffee table, that introduces the majesty of the big blue to the interior... As well as servicing you with somewhere impressive to put your cup of tea. Like all of Duffy’s designs, the 

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Clay Table



Clay, a table-sculpture born of the encounter between two volumes: the top and the base balanced one on the other, a daring experiment in resting on a surface reduced to a minimum. A perfect blend of beauty and harmony of proportions, Clay sets out to be an object capable of defining the space where it is 

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Swimming Pool Table



ESTUDIO RAIN is composed of Ricardo Innecco and Mariana Ramos, respectively an architect and a product designer. They were both born in Brasilia and established in São Paulo, where they started to work in collaboration. RAIN studio was founded in 2014 with the purpose of developing design in an 

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Eclipse Table



The Eclipse table by vitamin is a side table with a subtle defining feature. The inset wooden top can be rotated 180 degrees to create a large surface, exposing a tray-like recess. When kept in its most compact form, the table rests neatly against a wall, creating a reduced foot-print.The Eclipse table 

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Designer Rona Meyuchas-Koblenz started her career in Italy after graduating with a Masters in Industrial design from the Scuola Politecnica di Design and going on to work for various international industrial design consultancies in Milan before setting up Kukka in the UK. Rona was inspired by 

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Nim Table



London-based design studio PINCH, founded by Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon, launched a new limited-edition table called Nim at this year’s London Design Festival. Nim was presented as part of a special installation featuring the brand’s signature pieces at Rochelle School in the heart of East 

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Pie Chart System



A supremely clever modular side or coffee table system that can be built up from four different units: a quarter circle, a half circle, a three-quarter circle and a full circle. Each unit comes either as a table option or a container option. Designed by multi-disciplinary design studio Hierve. This 

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Jardin D'Hiver



Géraldine Biard is a product and furniture designer from France who recently graduated with an MA in Furniture Design from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design. She created a range of furniture for relaxation using aromatherapy and light therapy. In her work Biard engages the 

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Lines and Waves



Tomás Alonso is a craft designer born in Spain. Following his Master's at the Royal College of Art in London, and after a decade of study and professional practice in the USA, Australia and Italy, Tomas translated this experience into his own line of elegant, linear and poetic objects. His method 

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Times 4 Coffee Table



A relatively new French producer of design furniture, Polit feature furniture and design that is simple, yet conceptual. Their 4 Times Table, a collaboration with designer Goncalo Campos, is a functional way to increase your storage whilst still leaving your living room uncluttered.The Four Times Table is 

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Trama Collection



AVO studio is an architecture, industrial design and research practice with a multidisciplinary profile founded in 2014. Their Trama range is a collection of two tables, a side table and a coffee table, that can be assembled and disassembled easily without extra assembly elements such as screws, so it can 

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The Big Foot Table



A design house of bespoke solutions, projects and experimentation, daast is the combined design thinking of Andrew Southwood-Jones and Alexander Kashin. Winners of the SOYA Qantas program, the designers met while studying architecture at UTS. Recognising a shared fascination for putting unusual materials 

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The 'UP' Table



Duffy London's designs are ideas-based, combining art and function and playing with the concepts of gravity, geometry and illusion. The innovative and quirky designs spring from the mind of Chris Duffy, however, he also draws on his talented designers and manufacturers to turn these concepts into 

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Kaari Collection, Artek



Finnish design company Artek have joined forces with French design duo Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec to create a series of furniture that, whilst utilising traditional materials and technologies, has a modernity and uniqueness all of its own. The primary focus in the Kaari Collection was the reinvention of 

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Mercer Cocktail Table



Brooklyn-based luxury furniture line Hellman-Chang creates furnishings that exude elegance and glamour, using highly skilled wood-craftsmanship and age-old techniques. In nine short years since the design house was founded in a Brooklyn co-op, the brand has demonstrated that the Brooklyn design scene was 

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