Around Collection



Around Collection designed by Thomas Bentzen for Muuto With a diameter of 95 cm the newest addition to the AROUND family is of a truly grand nature. And there is more to why this version is called extra large: The strip of bent ash wood forming the table's edge and which has given Around table its name, 

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Boarded Floor Table



Boarded Floor Table by Marge Tables are there for - like decency has it - not having to eat off the floor! If we don't want to get down to the floor, the table will bring up the floor to us. But on legs. If a lot of people gather around that table, it keeps getting bigger, until that table becomes a 

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Brogue is one of Bethan Gray’s signature designs, originally a leather-topped wooden table, featuring punched and stitched brogue edge detailing. In 2014 Lapicida produced a limited-edition version of the Brogue Table in solid marble, complete with the complex edge detailing rendered in the 

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Formosa Collection



Formosa collection, 2016, Jacob Nitz for bogaerts label. “Formosa was once the name of Taiwan given by the Portuguese - meaning "beautiful island". The Formosa collection was inspired during a trip traveling Taiwan with my family. Each stool acts as an independent island surrounding a central 

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Plinto Series



Designed by Andrea Parisio for Meridiani. A series of dining tables called Plinto is at the core of Meridiani Editions’ second collection. Plinto, characterized by pure lines and an ‘architectural’ design, is an invitation towards interior design freedom, a container of endless 

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Element by Tokujin Yoshioka Design for Desalto  Magically suspended between earth and sky, Element goes beyond the mere function to take a prominent place as a sculpture in an environment. A project that is particularly complex from the engineering perspective, in which all Desalto's skill and 

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No.19 was designed in 2016 by Studio Pascal Howe for ACME SUPPLiES. The side table is composed of various geometrical shapes. The designer Pascal Howe's creation is more a form which has function, than function which has shape. No.19 does not immediately reveal its function. There is no front, no back, no 

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Bamba is a flirtation with sculpture and with balance. Brimming with movement, it is table whose focal point is the production of a discourse about ornamentation from its minimalist, repeated and iterated lines. A work about boundaries (and the illusion of boundaries), it is a syncretism between harsh 

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Wedge Table



The design of the Wedge Table arose from the idea to create a three dimensional table or stool construction that is made from flat plywood parts. The three interlocking legs form a solid structure and define the table’s characteristic visual appearance. Each part and detail underlies a structural 

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Bronze Collection



Bronze Collection: Umbrella table & stool Umbrella table & stool project is part of Tadeas Podracky‘s exploration of Chinese traditional crafts in Yuhang, China. This part of China is very famous for its tradition in bamboo and bronze products. He originaly did research about Oil-paper 

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Chiara & Fosco



Chiara and Fosco are available in 3 different sizes, each table top is handcrafted and unique. Materials: table top: cordieriet, ceramics glazes base: steel, powder coated in black, RAL 9005 fine structured mat About the Designer Elisa Strozyk studied "Textile- and Surface-Design" at the KHB in 

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The Band Collection



BAND COLLECTION The new Band range of tables consist of specially selected European marbles which are cut, polished and then lacquered with a protective finish to give a durable and stain-resistant surface. The solid marble is then encased in a warm and elegant metallic rim to give a distinctive, 

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Container Table



Designed by Sebastian Herkner for Pulpo CONTAINER TABLE, The biggest member of the Container family. Created in the manner of Bohemian craftsmanship, a dash of liquid silver is injected into the glass under pressure. The illustrious double-walled result lends a touch of glamour to the side table, 

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Dusk Collection



A geometric metal base and rich stone or wood tabletop form the unique Dusk Coffee Table. The octagon-meets-rectangle shape transforms when viewed from different angles. The Dusk Coffee Table was featured in the May, 2016 issue of Elle Decor as one of their ‘Top 10 Cocktail Tables'. The new, 

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Undae: A design process that plays with gravity "Undae" shows the beauty of imperfection and diversity through a process that creates textures that flow in the objects. Inspired by waves that Nature creates in the sand and the sea, a handmade process has been created to represent this waves each one 

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Cork Table



These beautiful cork topped tables, with steel A-frame powder coated legs were designed and built for a recent interior design project and keep in line with our human centric and sustainable design ethics. Cork was initially chosen for it’s sound dampening qualities and aesthetics, however after 

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Following on from the launch of Natural Nim, during September's London Design Festival, PINCH have continued to evolve the table's explorations on materiality, this time creating a cold cast metal Nim, using a metal flex coat Jesmonite, which has very fine powdered copper suspended within the man-made, 

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Drape Collection



Debra Folz Design is a Providence Rhode Island [USA] based furniture & object design studio, realizing work for ltd. Edition, small batch production, and brand collaboration. Drape tables recently debuted at the Architectural Digest Home Show in NYC this past March.  Initiated as a side table, 

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