East River Chair



East River Chair Developed by Vitra in SwitzerlandDesign: Hella Jongerius, 2014 A project for the United Nations inspired Dutch designer Hella Jongerius to create a new lounge chair: the East River Chair, which features a handle on the back of the seat for easy relocation and comes in a number of vibrant 

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The Wes Collection



The Wes lounge was named after its soft yet striking appearance, paying homage in name to film director Wes Anderson. The Wes range represents a design exploration into merging traditional upholstery techniques with minimal design. Over a year in development the Wes range highlights the skill and 

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Monumental Chair



The Monumental Chair, designed by Eray Carbajo, is an elegantly comfortable seating experience inspired by the crystalline elements in nature. Its unique polygonal form creates great comfort while presenting a visual feast for both indoor and outdoor use, whether in a lobby, living room or garden. With 

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Moth Chair



Moth is the founding member of the Nordic Tales’ After Eight collection. A collection of furniture dedicated to those of you who shine after the sun has set.  The charismatic expression is the result of a left and right brain design process. The chair has been cleaved in the middle, leaving 

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Lyze Collection



Lightness and Aerial are the words that define the philosophy of the LYZE collection. A light touch and novel shape combinations provide the inspiration for the Lyze collection, by the French designer Florent Coirier. The seemingly simple lines, with a timeless design, are embellished with sophisticated 

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Züco Little Perillo



Little Perillo (Design: Martin Ballendat) Little Perillo, designed by Martin Ballendat, is modelled on its successful big brother, the Perillo lounge chair. Little Perillo by Züco, a brand of the Dauphin HumanDesign Group, is smaller, space saving and ideal for the seat height at a desk, e.g. for 

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WW Chair



The two Ws in the chair's name stand for Windsor and Wire, which allude to its form and materials. It's a hybrid piece, which gives a contemporary twist to a traditional design language. The legs and seat are inspired by the classic lines of a Windsor chair, with the surface of the seat slightly carved 

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The Garrison



A storied part of Toronto history is getting new life with the release of The Garrison, a contemporary piece of functional art with a fascinating story. Cast using steel reclaimed from Toronto's historic Garrison Road Bridge, this limited-edition, multi-use object can serve as a stool or a 

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The motivation for the development of the Avoa Chair is autotelia, the autonomous design discourse. The challenge was to think of an object as a quote, a resumption of the minimal elements that form a chair: small seat, economical design, and delicate balance.Avoa, as its name says, is on the verge of 

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Reo Chair



Fifth column bends steel rods to create Reo chair The ‘reo chair is designed to the robust piece, which was thought as an extension of the grounds of a building with conventional construction materials such as concrete and steel. Yet the challenge remained to convert the robustness of the materials 

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Covent Dining Chair



The Covent Dining Chair displays a comforting simplicity, a warm embrace suitable for an evening around the dinner table or curled up with a book. Inspired by the geometry of Mondrian’s line work, its slim frame shows an asymmetry that defies its strength, presenting a floating cocoon of soft 

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KOVY2 / 2016 Material : MetalCategory : Furniture / ChairPhotography by Hayoung Hwang / Joongho Choi studio The dining chair of the series of Kovy produced by the studio of Joongho Choi is composed of materials to discolor easily for presenting the distinctive character. Utilization of metal frame 

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Ara armchair designed by PerezOchando studio for Missana New technologies connect us with people around the world , we don't need to travel for have a meeting with someone that works in other city. Ara is an armchair that gives the privacy that the new forms of communication need. A place to use your 

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Osaka Metal



Designed by Michele Cazzaniga, Simone Mandelli, Antonio Pagliarulo  Osaka is a collection of seatings with a strong graphic impact whose construction elements remind the linear features of an ideogram, due to their pureness and simplicity. Osaka Metal seatings with steel legs and steel rod sled 

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Lamzac® the original



It’s almost summer and therefore time to meet a new and unique invention: Lamzac Hangout. A comfortable and large portable lounge chair that uses air to inflate in only a few seconds. It’s all about creating comfort with a single flick of the wrist because of the unique filling technique. 

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What has driven Marta Sala to now start her own line of furniture and objects, distinguished by the charming acronym MSÉ? What kind of reasoning inspires an entrepreneur who - although still young as an exponent of a second family generation - has already gained many years of experience 

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VIA57™ chair



The ultimate partnership in Danish design: Republic of Fritz Hansen, the Danish architect Bjarke Ingels and the Danish design group KiBiSi, now launches the VIA57™ chair. The partnership is the culmination of great Danish design visions coming together with the VIA57™ chair’s dynamic, 

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The aesthetic possibilities which this chair offers the interior designer are wide-ranging, combining a number of fabrics or other materials with a measured flexibility. European Ash has been chosen for the structure, bringing personality and superior technical results. The upper joint of the front leg 

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