Nina Bruun's Nest Chair Nest Chair is Nina Bruun's latest piece of work, influenced by the coming season, nature and of course...a bird's nest. Bruun's idea was to create ‘graphical chaos which still felt like a unified whole'. The chair's supporting structure consists of a base, seat and four 





The Hockerbank (stoolbench) is an idiosyncratic offspring of the Stuhlhockerbank (chairstoolbench) family. 

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Gaudi Chair



  The Gaudi Chair is the follow-up of the Gaudi Stool which was created in 2009. It was designed using the same method as Antoni Gaudi, who made models of hanging chains, that upside-down showed him the strongest shape for his churches. Additionally, to be able to determine the structure of the 

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Bamboo Pedestals In bamboo, as with other grasses, the inner regions of the plant stem are hollow and the cross sections are scattered throughout the stem instead of in a cylindrical arrangement. The woody xylem is also absent, which causes the stems to be columnar rather than tapering. Bamboos are also 





Chool is a product which interacts with its users. As the user sits and places weight on the bench a back support erects behind in a fluid motion, offering added comfort and support. With the introduction of Chool comes an innovation in the world of seating. Chool combines the qualities of both a chair 

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The Bucket Stool (Also available as a barstool) is made up of a galvanised steel bucket which is skillfully handmade by a team of crafters in a township outside of Cape Town. The plywood legs are precision cut to maximise the use of materials and the seat upholstered with a durable cotton fabric on a 


Ball chair



The Ball chair is a design by London-based artist Finn Stone. The chair is made out of recycled ABS and coated with a high-quality paint which makes the chairs and tables suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

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MT Rocker Solid



MT Rocker Solid, 2010 Stainless Steel Edition of 6 

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The lines of the DS-315 are hallmarked by a subtle interplay of concave and convex surfaces. The architectonic composition is mirrored in the outer skin, which is made up of a number of different pieces: the four-element base is married perfectly to the upper armrest section, which opens up invitingly 

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Workshop Chair



Designed by original Berliner Jerszy Seymour the Workshop chair is a particularly sturdy chair considering its limited use of materials; a few batons of wood, some polycapralactone wax and a lot of imagination. The workshop chair is a great example of economically accessible yet aesthetically 

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PLC Chair



A range of chairs available in either solid oak or in beech with a matt painted finish. The ply seat and back rest can be upholstered and a powder coated metal arm is also available. For projects, a wide range of colour combinations for both the chair and arms is possible and upholstery is available in a 

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Wing sofa bed



Design by Per Weiss, Andreas Lund & Flemming Højfeldt. Wing is a unique, airy design from the Danish design company Innovation. The sofa has clean-cut steel or chrome legs and a back rest with three optional positions: Sofa, relax and bed. Moreover the side ‘wings' of the seat can be 

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Ora-ïto chair



Presented exclusively for 100% Design London – 23rd-26th September – iconoclastic designer Ora-ïto has produced an architectural form that attempts to marry elements of art and function. The sculptural piece responds to the proportions of a seated woman, employing the use of flowing lines 

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Spirit House Chair



Studio Daniel Libeskind, working with the Nienkämper furniture company, has designed a chair for the newly constructed Spirit House in the Royal Ontario Museum's Michael Lee-Chin Crystal. The chair, which is constructed from 14 gauge (.075” thick) stainless steel, weighs 180 pounds, stands 

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Twin Chairs



Based on the idea of ‘two in one’, these chairs remain functional even when stacked. The difficulty in putting them together lay in the juxtaposition of two materials that have distinctive physical properties. Fitting the two chairs together means cutting down these materials to the absolute 

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Jehs+Laub Collection



Inspired by traditional quilting, the Jehs+Laub Collection—which includes a Lounge Chair and Ottoman—creates a dialogue between functional form and sculptural shapes. Comprised of block patterns that are joined and completed with a surrounding border, the collection, true to its Knoll 

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Flax Armchair



Philippe Nigro likes the idea of working with materials he knows. This allows him not to give in to its demands with any new projects. Indeed, his new armchair for Ligne Roset, with its structure entirely in solid wood, cannot help but be perfectly executed. Comfortable, light in the eye and easily 

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Nigro’s Confluence project consists of a family of ‘Intersections Sofas’. To make the sofa appealing to different tastes and physiognomies there are a variety of seat depths and back heights on a single settee to match the comfort with the expectations of the individual user, all the 

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