La Redonda



La Redonda by Bodegón Cabinet is a chair that plays with a pure two-dimensional geometrical figure, the circle. This perfect shape is molded after being cut out of steel plate, in order to maintain its purity in its path towards three dimensions. It is precisely this distortion that 

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Masquespacio presents “Wink”, the first lamp designed by the creative consultancy for Houtique, a new brand part of Really Nice Things. The collaboration between Masquespacio and Houtique started when the founders of both companies came together with the aim to study new projects to work on 

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Moon 200



Moon 200 by Davide Groppi. For Davide Groppi making lights is not just a technical gesture, but also and above all, a way to approach people on a more personal, intimate level. Illumination is the art of making a space meaningful and create depth by using light and shadow. His poetic approach to 

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French Press



The Ceramic and Glass French Press by Yield Design.  Ceramic French Press Brew perfect, full-bodied coffee or tea in the traditional french press method. This heavy walled ceramic press pot is a functional and beautiful addition to the kitchen table. The ceramic body helps maintain a consistent 

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Ovio Coffee Table



Coffee Table Ovio by Bunjie   Coffee Table Ovio is divided into two parts. Fully functioning as a classic table top and openwork. In the openwork part Bunjie have provided a place for plants that can be put in the 3 holes. The holes can be also used as a place for a bowl of fruit, 

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Cila designed by Lievore Altherr for Arper.  A simple gesture, a sensuous feel. The fluid form of Cila was inspired by the image of layers of cloth enveloping the body. Its silhouette of smooth lines retains a graphic character from its distinctive curve––the most essential symbol of 

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Dimmable copper lamps



ZAPALGO Dimmable copper lamps What better, faster and more practical way of setting a mood in the room than by dimming some big, warm, incandescent bulbs? There is none. You can do it almost instantly when you have a table lamp with an inbuilt touch dimmer – all you have to do is touch the lamp 

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Podium Pots



Podium Pots by Zakkia.  The architectural shape of Zakkia's Podium Pots creates a stunning silhouette to highlight your favourite plants. This size is perfect to drop a plastic inner pot straight in to, making it potting a clean and easy process. The finish of the ceramic is slightly textured and 

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From private spaces like living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms to public spaces like shops and public facilities, various demands are made of light in our everyday lives. In creating "Nod", Daisuke Kitagawa considered how smart lighting can be more flexible, responding to various scenes. While the 

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Basso by UTIL. Basso is a mini bar that rolls on wheels to the middle of the conversation to serve drinks. Its strong aesthetics is defined by the way it is used. While a large tray covered with a cork mat holds the glass, the bottles go in the bucket shape container on the bottom leaving only but the 

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Plamter by NewMade La The basic design mentality behind the whole line was to create product that was functional, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable. NewMade LA wanted to design home-goods that were easy to utilise and that could act as a simple accent piece to any space. They have always been 

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Cava Collection



Cava collection by LucidiPevere Cava is the collection designed for Living Ceramics; it arises from a mix of formats, decorations engraved on the piece and a play with the colour scheme.  From a concrete surface which was in line with the own image of the Spanish firm, LucidiPevere have 

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Seed Shelf



Seed Shelf designed by Kenyon Yeh for Super Good Thing. The Seed series was born from its mounting mechanism - a simple wall plate that can easily and cleanly fasten an object to the wall. The Seed Shelf is an attractive solution for storing keys or change and displaying decorative objects and small 

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Collar - Bar Set by DEBIASI SANDRI The bar set is a subtle take on the classic shaker and a natural addition to the Collar collection designed for Stelton and launched in 2016. The set comprises a cocktail shaker and a jigger with a homely look and feel, both for mixologists at home or in 

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Kizu by Lars Tornøe The Kizu table lamp is composed of two similar geometric shapes touching at a seemingly microscopic connection point. The shade appears to be balancing on top of the base, even though it is securely connected. This illusion is emphasised by the size of the shade in comparison 

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AXYL Chair



Benjamin Hubert of experience design agency LAYER will launch the AXYL collection for UK furniture brand Allermuir at the London Design Festival in September at Somerset House. Comprising a chair, available with and without arms, a barstool and a café table, AXYL utilises a strong geometric design 

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Blackbird Lamp



The Blackbird Lamp designed by Hayo Gebauer features an edged design that balances its craning light on two feet. It’s simply constructed from a single sheet of steel. The LED light source incorporates a motion sensor which functions as the on/off switch. By waving ones hand under the shade you 

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Hour Stool



Hour Stool designed by Rowan Jackman Design. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the Hour stool is a versatile, fun and playful stool for use in both indoor or outdoor spaces. Made from two folded aluminium parts, the stool can also be your step ladder, side table or odds-and-ends perch. Not only 

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