Wednesday 11 Oct 2017

Plamter by NewMade La

The basic design mentality behind the whole line was to create product that was functional, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable. NewMade LA wanted to design home-goods that were easy to utilise and that could act as a simple accent piece to any space. They have always been heavily inspired by mid-century design and  always try utilising the basic forms and functions that were prevalent within that era. They believe that design should be beautiful and functional, and that's what NewMade LA is trying to bring back.
The Geometric Wire Frame theme was their way of representing the mid-century era of minimalism. The wire form provides the product with durability, simplicity, and also clean design. They liked the idea of utilising basic geometric forms that allowed for people to both have fun with the design and also to have an array of choices that best suits them. They developed their wall and hanging planters with just slight variations to each style. Going with the Mondrian colour theme was an easy way to allow for people to have fun choices to properly suit their space and colour palette. 
NewMade LA also more recently produced desk planters within the same geometric and wire formed theme. They thought it would be a very simple addition to any work space or surface that is in need of a little life. The various pot sizes allows for the user to truly get the right fit for their space or create a small family of planters. 
The designer's strive for clean design that almost allows the product to be an art piece while also still being a functional product.