Float Collection
Thursday 31 Aug 2017

Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, a Brooklyn-based design brand introduces it’s latest in-house collection of illuminated mobiles - FLOAT. Built upon L&G’s reductive mobile and sculpture work FLOAT incorporates illuminated elements to further evolve a sculptural-functional approach which has come to characterize the studio’s work.


FLOAT implores combinations of the least, most essential elements working in concert to intimately define space with light and form. All parts exist to support and serve the other to direct a soft glow and shadow into the surrounding environment. The design stems from L&G Studio's interest in early 1900 Constructivist artist, Maholy-Nagy’s two dimensional photograms, which FLOAT aims to evoke within a three dimensional environmental experience through form, shadow, movement, and light.

FLOAT initial launches sees the introduction of two small hanging chandeliers as well a floor-standing version. The forms are an introduction to a series that is intended to grow in scale, format, and finish. All pieces are produced in-house by Ladies & Gentlemen and available in standard configurations as well as custom tailored to clients’ spaces. The system’s modularity allows easy scaling, expansion, and customization.

Technically, the series is illuminated by low voltage LED luminaires that provide downward directional light as well as upward light bounced off a floating reflector panel that can be redirected according to lighting needs. Standard finishes include brass or blackened bronze armatures with aluminum or brass reflector panels. Custom finishes are also available upon request.