Curve Wall Shelf
Wednesday 02 Aug 2017

Curve Wall Shelf by Rowan Jackman Design - Beautifully hand spun copper vessels add fragrance to your space!

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the Curve shelf is an elegant and original shelving unit for your home or work space. Supporting beautifully hand-spun copper vessels, Curve allows you to add fragrance and colour to your space with the copper pieces providing space for flowers, candles, incense and other such accessories.


"I wanted to bring something new to the typical wall shelf configuration and create something truly unique, whilst at the same time ensure function remained at the forefront of the project"- Rowan Jackman.

After exploring several materials including ceramics and glass, the decision to use copper was seen as the most desirable and prototyping begun. A local metal craftsman spun the mold experimenting with different thicknesses of copper to find the right size. If the copper was too thick it meant small cracks would appear during the spinning process.

One of the final steps of the design process, and a very important one was deciding how the shelf would be fixed securely. "I spent a considerable amount of time researching mounting systems to find one which could be hidden behind the shelf. I didn't want to settle with the easy option of fixing screws from the front, it was very important to me that the shelf was seen to be floating" and it's simple to install with the hardware which is provided.

The end result stays true to the studios minimalist style.