BUG Collection
Tuesday 20 Jun 2017

BUG COLLECTION by Rui Pereira was part of the exhibition 'Another perspective' curated by Cotto.

Bug collection aims to create a deeper connection between the bathroom area and the rest of the house by revisiting furniture typologies. The designer wanted to use a natural material that could co-exist with the moist atmosphere of the space. Wood was the  first choice, but it requires a lot of maintenance.

Since Rui had been working with cork in other projects, he found it to be the perfect solution for thisone in particular due to its unique properties: impermeability to liquids, thermal and acoustic insulator, hypoallergenic and soft to touch.

The interest in creating a bridge between cultural backgrounds gave birth to this collection. Drawing inspiration from the relationship between the Japanese 'geta' flip flops and the Portuguese cork tradition and blend them with in concept of ‘avoiding the wet floor’.

Rui Pereira is a product designer born in Portugal. His ceaseless interest in learning from different cultures and mindsets led him to become a nomad: he has lived in Valencia and Milan, where he has worked for Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola and he is currently based in Copenhagen where he works as a design developer for Hay. By working and contacting with different realities he has progressively developed a critical position towards the design industry processes and society in general.

His research focus on finding new perspectives and experiences by proposing new product typologies that create an immediate connection with the user and simultaneously raise awareness on relevant contemporary issues. In his projects, Rui explores the potentialities of the materials and manufacture and makes use of a sharp language to ultimately deliver clear pertinent objects.