A piece of light
Friday 16 Jun 2017

A piece of light by Caroline Brahme.

A project about winter depression resulting in a portable, tactile, enjoyable light therapy lamp. 

Four out of ten Swedes are more tired than normal during the winter. Winter depression can range from slight dullness to very severe depression. The most common treatment is light therapy.

This concept of a tactile and portable light therapy lamp was developed in a projects in cooperation with NASA. The background is the scenario of a possible life on Mars in a very distant future. How would we coup with the lack of sun light. A sunny day on Mars is like a cloudy day on Earth. A light source that gives us the light we need to keep our mood up and our circadian rhythm going would be necessary. 

In this project Caroline has been working with parallel scenarios, one for Earth and one for Mars. The scenarios have cross-fertilised each other and lead to this tactile and portable light therapy lamp. The light therapy lamps which are out on the market today are big and clumsy. Caroline wanted to enhance the usability by creating a portable and appealing therapy lamp.

In the day the portable lamp is brought along and can be used when there is time and opportunity. In the night the wooden charger gives the lamp a new face, turning it into an interior ambient light and charges so it’s ready for use the next day.

The lamp has a wide range of light intensity modes. It also has a mode where the user has to touch the lamp to make it shine. The idea of the touch mode is to create a more intense contact and feeling of light.