Solis Mirror
Wednesday 14 Jun 2017

Solis Mirror by Simon Johns.

Part blackened ash, brass plated steel and part glass, the Solis Mirror references the horizon, the rising sun, and your reflection amidst it all.

A circle of brass plating stands an inch behind the oblong mirror as if hovering behind. The mirror’s glass ends abruptly when a shallow shelf strikes through, defining where light and dark collide. Below the shelf, a blackened ash half-circle, acts as a cast shadow of the mirror itself.

The Solis Mirror was inspired by the sunsets that peak through the mountains and over the lakes in the Eastern Townships, where Simon Johns’ studio is. Nestled in the Missisquoi river’s valley, the sun bathes the workshop with a warm glow at the end of the day. The Solis Mirror aims to bring that warmth into the home, with it’s brass halo rising above the mirror.

The Solis Mirror comes in small and tall sizes.

Small mirrors are perfect above dressers, bathroom sinks and for powder rooms. 29.5” x 17.5” x 2”


Tall mirrors are full size pieces, both taller and wider, in which one can see themselves head to toe. 56” x 24” x 3”